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Thanks again for you incredible service!  (Dating)
We sent each other emails everyday for two weeks straight. Then after, we started texting and soon the phone calls came. We'd talk for 3hrs/day on a daily basis for a few weeks. When we talk it's like we've always known each other. Conversations flow so incredibly well. He was actually the first person to send me an email when I first opened my account. It made me laugh and I responded. There are no plans for marriage, but we definitely are open to it. It's way too soon to tell. But we both prefer not having the distraction of having to date others when this feels so right. We will be meeting in Cancun, Mexico on our first date. We are both on the adventurous side and like to do things in an unconventional manner. This is probably why we click to well. I'm sure when he and I both started emailing, we were emailing other people, but I haven't met anyone else who I can talk to and joke around with the same way. It's a little long distance, he's in Indiana and I am in California, but what is distance but only a matter of slight inconvenience to something that will (hopefully) turn out well?

Thanks again for you incredible service! I don't think I would have ever otherwise met the man who may one day be my life partner.

Jul 26, 2010

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