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The site is fairly well, thanks for bringing us together.
We corresponded for one week via email prior to meeting. We spoke on the phone the day before we met.

I had currently been corresponding with about 4 guys who seemed to be potential partners, but had not met any of them in person. However, the guy that I've chosen, stole my heart away with his honesty and sense of humor. We view the world the same and we 'get each other'.

We met the second week and we've been together every weekend since. I met him at the Santa Monica Pier in So Cal where he took me to see Cirque du Soleil. Afterwards we had drinks and the conversation that we shared lit a fire that I've never felt. We were comfortable with each other, which allowed us to open up and share.

We talk everyday and already it feels odd if I don't talk to him. The relationship is very new, but it feels right and that's what matters.

We have both expressed a strong interest in marriage and family. He's stated that "I'm the one" and that he wants to move forward with our relationship. Actually, he's asked me help him house hunt this weekend.

Nov 01, 2009

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