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I met someone on your site!
I met someone on your site. She is pretty amazing. This site was great. I was only on it a couple of weeks too. I would suggest this service to anybody.

It was pretty easy. I was only on for about 1 week. Once I posted my photos, I got more responses. Everybody I chatted with was really nice, but there was one really good one. I had viewed her profile, but didn't try to contact her. Well, she saw that I viewed her and she sent me an email. Our profiles were very similar. After emailing back and forth for a few days, we discovered that we had many morethings in common. We started talking on the phone then. Again, things just seemed to be getting better. We actually met for the first time a couple of days ago. Just like the emails and phone calls, the date was great. We both decided to end our accounts with your site. There just wasn't a need to keep them open. I truly thank you for your service. It was just so shocking how fast it all happened. Thanks again though.

Dec 10, 2008

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