The right person and the right moment. #Dating
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I've been on Positivesingle since 2016 and met quite a few people and as with any other dating platforms, people meet and decide if they are a match or not. Just never found my match until Tai who is cc'd in this email hit me up. Tai and I met through Positive singles and we corresponded for about 3 weeks. During this period of our correspondence, it's evident that we both have similar tastes and value as well as harmonious goals both short and long term. This meant a lot to me because It's not everyday that one is blessed to have someone who has similar dreams and aspirations and not conflicting goals. He's very caring, affectionate and mature. We just effortlessly clicked from the beginning. It's so organic and as real as "real" can get. After the 3rd week of correspondence, we met briefly over breakfast, we kept in touch and it was no doubt, love at first sight. After a month of talking, we planned a few days hiking/cabin trip where we had enough time getting to know ourselves, shared memories and since then every moment has been beyond amazing. For now, we are both focusing on studies and career advancement, Marriage is not in our immediate plans, but definitely marriage is the end goal. Below is our first ever couple's photo. As far as tips, I am a firm believer that everyone deserves to love and be loved. The major factors here are time, knowing what you want and why you want it. You'll be amazed to know how many adults really do not know what they want. It pays to know what you want and ready to be patient for however long it takes to happen. Just because it's not happening at your expected time doesn't mean you should accept any Tom, dick and Harry that swings by and have to put up with unimaginable BS of just accepting to be with whoever, just so everyone knows you are in a relationship. The right person and the right moment may be only a click away or just waiting to happen and when you find the right one, It's also imperative to be prepared to commit to one another as well as the relationship to ensure growth. Make sacrifices and learn to accommodate each other and be compromising whenever the need arises.

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