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my thanks to PositiveSingles for such a great site  (Dating)
George (ScreamingEagle) and I met through PositiveSingles - about 8 months ago now. We corresponded back and forth via email and discovered we had many mutual interests including writing and photography among many others. Soon he was sharing his book he had researched and written and it just blossomed from there. When we met it was exciting! and the current was right there between us.

These many months have made our relationship grow even stronger as we have learned so much about each other. His favorite comment is that he has never laughed so much since meeting me. And its no wonder! I thought his PS screenname had to do with a real Screaming Eagle which caught my eye as I do love Native American culture - and then he told me that Screamingeagle had to do with a motorcycle part - what did I know right?

Many laughs later we are still growing in our loving relationship and enjoying life! Plans for marriage you ask? there is no need for us to rush on that but the relationship and love is strong and growing ever more so. Who can tell right?

In the meantime, my thanks to PositiveSingles for such a great site and an opportunity to meet George!

Jun 19, 2009

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