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Thank you positivesingles team!
I am not interested in dating anyone, I simply wanted to post a letter to the creators of this site for all who might be skeptikal of the outcome as I was.

After logging on and posting my photo I met 2 people, the first of whom did not work out. I sensed she was dealing with her demons in a way i had as a person living with hiv many years ago.

Then my friend/lover/and wife arrived! I picked her up at Laguardia airport and we have lived a dream ever since! my lonely and dreary life was made whole when our 2 completely healthy were born! That was 5 years ago! Our children even brought us closer together! This is simply a note of thanks, a message of faith in what could happen in your life if you are open to the possibilities!

Thank you positivesingles team

Sinceely- Mr and Mrs positive and in love.

Nov 20, 2008

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