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Positive Singles > How to Approach Dating When Living with Genital Warts

Living with genital warts is challenging from a variety of perspectives. It is one of the most misunderstood STDs, even though it is a commonly transmitted infection.

Almost anyone who is sexually active today has an exposure risk to the human papillomavirus, or HPV. It is responsible for genital warts, which show as bumps or growths that can be white or flesh-colored. Although they aren’t usually painful or itchy, it can be embarrassing to have an outbreak happen when you want to be intimate.

Over 79 million Americans, along with countless others around the world, are living with genital warts today. Instead of seeing this issue as a dating challenge, those who received exposure are taking a different approach to manage their relationship desires.

What Is It Like to Date Someone with Genital Warts?

Dating with HPV is the same as it is in every other relationship. The only difference involves infection management.

Some strains of the HPV virus don’t cause genital warts. Many people are likely dating someone with this infection today without knowing it. We currently understand that most STDs that create flare-ups involve the HPV6 and HPV11 viruses.

Approximately 40 different HPV strains are known to impact the genital areas of men and women adversely. This infection is typically considered a low-risk health event because it doesn’t usually lead to cancer or other severe health problems.

Because HPV symptoms are rare and minor, it is not unusual for an infected person to be unaware of their condition. Our immune systems do an excellent job of suppressing genital warts and other unwanted symptoms.

Some people can have genital warts begin appearing after two decades of abstinence.

If you have HPV or suspect that genital warts are developing, then seek out a course of treatment immediately.

No one wants to get an STI, but dating someone with HPV isn’t going to be the end of the world.

How Common is Genital Warts Dating?

About 1% of the sexually active general population develop genital warts each year. No one is exempt from this virus, although the HPV vaccine is helpful for people in some situations before having contact with an infected person.

This STD does not discriminate against one gender, sexual preference, age, or religion. Anyone who explores their sexuality without using safe practices can encounter HPV.

Most people will begin to see genital warts appear within 30 to 120 days after an HPV transmission occurs. Some individuals may never see symptoms because their immune system gets rid of it. Even if you receive exposure to HPV6 or HPV11, you might not see warts appear.

The issue that most people face is the negative societal stigma that genital warts can cause. We live in a judgmental society, so people tend to make assumptions about sexually transmitted infections. There isn’t a widespread pattern that can immediately identify someone with HPV.

How Can I Reduce My Chances of Developing Genital Warts?

Anyone with ten or more sexual partners over their lifetime are more likely to report an issue with genital warts compared to those who’ve had two or fewer partners.

Having more sexual partners can also expose you to several different types of HPV that cause other health issues. Receiving the vaccine that fights against several versions of this virus can reduce, but not eliminate, these risks.

You can also reduce your risk of developing genital warts by using condoms when having any intimate contact with another person.

Even with all of these protective measures in place, the only way to 100% protect yourself against HPV is to be celibate.

I Have Genital Warts… Now What?

Most people don’t care if you have genital warts. With millions of potential adults living with an HPV infection, you’re just as likely to run into someone with a similar STI as someone without one.

If you have concerns about your health, then the first step you should take is to speak with your doctor. Then you can start meeting new people who are also living with genital warts on Positive Singles.

Genital warts dating and HPV dating gets simplified when you can be upfront and honest about your health as part of the first impression you make.

Instead of worrying about how to approach this subject, you can focus on having a good time on your date.

It is time to stop living in the shadows with HPV. You can meet new people, start dating, and find that relationship you’ve always wanted. Find your way to Positive Singles today to begin exploring your next adventure in love.

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