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Positive Singles > How to Tell Someone You Have HPV

HPV dating involves a very important yet potentially awkward conversation about your diagnosis, medical condition, and history. When you do not know the other persons health status or their level of understanding of genital warts, conversation can cause a lot of fear and discomfort. Will the person you are interested in accept and understand or will they reject you immediately?

Dating With HPV Warts

Millions of people all around the world live with a positive HPV diagnosis every day. It is the most common STD, and many people already have some understanding of how it affects your life. Nevertheless, before you become intimate with another person, you need to tell them you have HPV and discuss the risk factors and their comfort level. In order to stave off potential problems and minimize the chance of rejection, the following tips will help you navigate the all-important talk must have when dating with genital warts.

Five Tips for How to Tell Someone You Have HPV

These tips will help you broach the subject of dating with genital warts and make the conversation as easy as possible for both you and the person you are interested in.

1 – Educate – As important as it is for you to understand your diagnosis and medical condition, it makes sense to learn all you can to share that information with the person you will become intimate with. Some people do not understand what it means to have HPV. Factual information with references can help.

2 – Do Not Apologize – Remember that you have done nothing wrong. So many people are diagnosed with HPV after ordinary contact that there should be no stigma associated with it these days. Remain calm and simply give the facts with the other person.

3 – Be Clear About Options – Share appropriate information about how genital warts will affect your relationship going forward. There may be times when sexual activity is not recommended, and additional precautions may be necessary. In most cases, people can have successful relationships and active sex lives even after being diagnosed with HPV.

4 – Pick the Right Time – Out of respect for your romantic interest or future partner, do not wait until the last minute to talk about HPV dating. In other words, this is not a conversation to have right before sex. You do not have to make it a grand production, however. Simply sit down together, have a couple coffee or beer, and keep the conversation calm.

5 – Use Dating Site – This is the largest HPV dating site in the world. This allows you to connect with people who understand your diagnosis from the start. It makes these types of revelations and necessary communication so much easier. You can find your happiness with the man or woman of your dreams.

When deciding how to tell someone you have HPV, it helps to have all the facts on hand. It also helps to minimize the risk of rejection by seeking out partners on an online platform well-known across the world as a positive dating assistant. When you discover a single man or woman who already has your same diagnosis or understands the truth about dating with genital warts, some of the tough stuff is already done. gives you that opportunity.

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