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#1 Poz Personals Site for HIV POS Dating

The population of people diagnosed with one or more types of STD is continuously increasing across the world. Contrary to popular view, testing positive for any STD is not the end of the world. Even people with incurable STDs, for instance, HIV, can and are still living normal and fulfilling lives, hitting their goals and finding love.

Are you a POZ personal looking for a safe space to meet others and explore life? Positive Singles is the place to be. The platform is an extensive dating and social community open to people living with any form of STDs. You can easily meet people like you from all walks of life for friendship, companionship, and, more importantly, love.

Why Join Positive Singles?

Fears, loneliness, and depression are some of the battles people living with HIV, and other STDs have had to face. Poz personals are finding it increasingly challenging to find friendship or companionship from other Poz Personals. But this is about to change with Positive Singles.

The Positive Singles platform is a haven for Poz Personals interested in HIV Poz dating, companionship, or POS Dating. It is specifically designed to make your search for meaningful relationships as a Poz Personal easier and fun. You can easily meet people you can get to know and trust without being judged or mistreated.

So, by clicking the JOIN button, you are getting into a safe place where you can learn from one another and meet exceptional individuals with who you can have a healthy relationship, despite your STD status.

Top Features You Will Find Nowhere Else

Do you wonder why Positive Singles stands out from the crowd? Here is why!

Large Membership Base

Join about 2 million other users on Positive Singles to share and receive love, affection, and companionship in the easiest ways possible. There are so many people you should meet and waiting to meet you.

Large STD Blog

Over 20,000 unique blogs are published monthly on Positive Singles. You can never run out of real life and useful resources to weather the storm as a Poz Personals. There are also tons of treatment stories you can refer to for guidance and experience.

Online Chat Room

Join the ever-active online chat room at Positive Singles to increase your chances of meeting and enjoying great conversations with your perfect match for an HIV POZ dating with no hassles.

Activity Feed

You can easily keep track of what your mutuals are up to from the activity feed. From profile statuses to recent comments and new blog posts, never miss any news or gist on the Positive Singles platform.


In addition to the carefully compiled and answered frequently asked questions from users, Positive Singles also offers a Live Dating Advisor to help with your individual needs as well as an STD question and answer session with a seasoned counselor.

First Date Ideas

Have you found a special one? You don’t have to rack your brain to arrange your first date. Check through the thousands of first date ideas already curated by existing members for some help.

Your Privacy Is Paramount

Positive Singles prioritize the privacy of its community members. Every member undergoes a comprehensive verification process before their profiles are approval. Furthermore, the platform only asks for necessary information; you are not submitting any personal details that may make you uncomfortable.

The personal information of users is always kept anonymous and private. You can use the “Quick Exit” button to go to another website if you think you are being watched. There is an option to hide your profile details, including photos, from other users. You can also disable the “chat now” feature to avoid instant messages from users.

Overall, It is a safe, secured, and warm space for everyone at Positive Singles, irrespective of gender, sexual orientation, religion, or race.

Welcome to Positive Singles!

Create your account and set up your profile today to start meeting other singles on Personal Singles. You may be asked to provide some personal information, and a short description of yourself, your dating preferences, and a few great photos of yourself. These details are used to facilitate the matching system, ensuring that only the most suitable users are directed towards your profile.

Take your time to explore the member profiles and get in touch with anyone that catches your fancy. We have tons of innovative communication tools to give you the best experience while staying connected with like-minded individuals. You are just a few clicks away from meeting an amazing potential partner who shares your diagnosis.

We welcome you to this supportive and secured community of PoZ Personals. It promises to be a journey where you can express yourself comfortably and freely, without anyone judging you. We believe being in the midst of other HIV positives will help you prepare and accept all that life and love have to offer you.