• How we keep on seeking love: HIV and dating Posted by Admin on Nov 07, 2018

    how HIV positive people keep on seeking love

    How we keep on seeking love: HIV and dating

    Currently, HIV is far from the death sentence that it was in the 1990s. In those years, having a positive status meant an end to ones dating life. Over the years, however, we have managed to see a reversal in this trend. Many HIV positive people are actually dating, and the stigma that was associated with the status has decreased to the bare minimum.

    There are however some issues when it comes to HIV positive dating .Some states within the United States actually criminalize the act of exposing someone to the risk of contracting HIV. Well, the first step in most cases is disclosing the status. This, however, may be quite hard for some people. It is estimated that there are many HIV positive people but are unaware of their status. In as much as dating may be hard for HIV singles, it is still a possibility and it happens all the time in the current world.

    Dating HIV Positive Singles

    Dating someone who is HIV positive may be one of the toughest tests for your relationship, determining whether you are a perfect match. Most people will actually end relationships after the disclosure of HIV status or will start growing apart. These have been some of the testimonies of HIV positive men or gay who have tried dating.

    Well if you are going to date a man who is HIV positive, you should ensure that you talk about all concerns that you may have and ensure to iron out some other issues you have to ensure that your relationships last. HIV is simply not a reason that holds water when saying you don’t want to be with someone. Also, ensure that you stay protected. Use protection, such as condoms when having sex to ensure that you do not contract the virus.

    HIV Dating Site

    For those who are HIV positive and would like to date others who are also positive, PositiveSingles is a perfect choice where you can find and meet others. All these are for people who are positive and would like to date others who are also positive.

  • Open Relationship Tips For HIV Positive Couple Posted by Admin on Sep 06, 2018

    Open Relationship Tips For HIV Positive Couple

    Open relationships of different kinds have been existing for quite some time now. However, those which serve the purpose and survive the commitment at the same time are very few. An HIV positive couple engaging in an open relationship is as delicate as any other couple. However, there is a higher health risk to the already delicate health state. But how can these relationships maintain a healthy relationship plus that of the body? There are various things HIV couples must consider before plunging into the open relationship status.

    Things you need to consider when an HIV positive couple has an open relationship in order to reduce risk

    Confirm your status

    Sometimes a couple may assume that they are both HIV positive especially if one had the infection at first. However, you don't really know. Unless you have confirmed your statuses in the second lab test, you'll never know. A few too many cases have been reported where one partner had HIV at first but the other didn't and even after they had unprotected sex for some time, it didn't reflect on the other's status.

    Sometimes, you could discover that you were never positive at all. When plunging into the open relationship, you both have to confirm your HIV statuses in order to be on the same page about everything.

    Lay down rules

    Rules are important when making relations with other partners. Because you understand your statuses, you get to decide what is appropriate and what is not. Not having rules can cause problems in open relationships. Each partner doing their own thing leads to complications of both health and also the relationship nature.

    Always use Condoms

    Sometimes you'd have been involved with another couple too many times so you trust them, but condoms should be a must. However, most people ignore protection if they both have HIV. This is really dangerous as there are many risk factors like getting an STD which will cause a superinfection.

    A superinfection is simply an addition of another infection to the HIV infection.  Or it may be the inclusion of another type of HIV virus to your existing one which ruins your health and immunity vastly. An HIV positive couple should ensure that the other partner is using condoms. As one cannot be entirely sure, they can also educate the partner about the dangers of not including condoms in the open relationship.

    Prepare with PrEP

    PrEP is a pre-treatment which upon taking and following its treatment measures, you have less risk of infection in case exposed to another HIV virus. This will prevent superinfection through HIV but it is also important to note that it isn’t a remedy for contracting other STIs. Therefore, other risk reduction measures shroud be followed.

    Limit your partners

    HIV positive couple open relationships should be carried delicately and this is why you should limit partners. Set you partners limit when you lay out the rules because of the more the partners, the more the risk of getting infected or infecting the partner with STD. You can maintain relations with your first other partners so you can set up meetings with them mostly in order to avoid spreading of any significant infection.

    This is also one of the best remedies of HIV couple jealousy. Too much freedom results in confusion as you may meet some people whom you may think you have a connection with. This will result in the loss of support with your current partner which is a great risk of ruining it all.

    Decide less risky sex

    When HIV couples in an open relationship, there are many less risky sex habits. This could include preferring oral sex and other less risky forms of sex in order to reduce the risk of infecting each other. It is important to note that this reduces the risks but doesn’t prevent them necessarily.

    Talk with the partners in the open relationship

    This is a step many partners ignore but it is extremely important. When you both explain to each other what is safe and what isn’t, the other partners will be able to understand the way the whole relationship will work. However, without doing that, you may tend to disagree due to their different understanding of what you want. Being on the same page with people you’ll be having an open relationship with is really important.

    Bottom Line

    A HIV positive couple which wants to be involved in open relationships has to be extremely careful. Communication of every single detail is paramount for laying out every concern. A successful open relationship is ensured by communication and trust.




  • Tips for HIV positive couple: Regain passion by sharing your fantasy about your partner Posted by Admin on Aug 29, 2018

    Tips for HIV positive couple: Regain passion by sharing your fantasy about your partner

    A pair of HIV couple tends to lose their sexual drive due to many factors including the HIV infection. Passion could be waning and your sex diminishing with time. The honeymoon effect is long gone and all that is remaining is two loving yet distanced partners. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. You can go from a passionless phase to exploding sparks of desire for your partner. This is by use of this tactic of sharing your sexual fantasy with your partner. Exploring your dyadic fantasies could be the solution for your fading relationship.

    HIV personals benefit from a great deal from sharing sexual fantasies with each other. It has been proven to be effective among the couples without compromising the emotional distance that’s between them. This way, even the most faded passion can be reignited. For this to happen, the HIV couple has to be ready to face their sexual fantasies and share them without being ashamed. This brings me to;

    Why you can’t share your fantasies with your partner

    -You could be clueless about your sexual fantasies

    -You could be ashamed of your fantasies

    -You think your partner will judge you for it

    These three reasons why you haven’t yet started exploring your sexual fantasies will be ruining your HIV sex more than you know it. These reasons have to be shattered so you can relate to your partner more to enhance a sexually fulfilling relationship.

    How to identify your sexual fantasy

    Think about it. What happens when you constantly think about sex? You obviously imagine what could happen if this, if that. If you haven’t exercised your mind to think about it, no ideas will come. Start thinking about sex for the whole day and imagine what you’ll like to do when you are your most naughty self. What would you like your partner to do for you, to you? Think about it harder, how does it make you feel? Do you feel the slightest arousal? If yes. That’s probably your sexual fantasy.

    To some of you, this doesn’t come easily. You try lighting candles and imagining but nothing happens. However, this shouldn’t bother you. Provided you are trying to get it right, it’ll eventually come to you. Your sexual fantasy will pop up spontaneously even when you are walking in the streets and that’s when you know what to do. Share it with your partner. That takes me to the second fantasy blocker.

    How to stop judging your fantasies

    No matter how crazy your sexual fantasies are, they are yours. In fact, they might not be crazy at all. If you get to know other’s fantasies, you’ll be amazed. The best part is accepting them, accepting that you have needs. This part is not entirely easy as experiences could tarnish your sexual self-love and that’s ok. But give yourself a chance. A chance to be alive again. And hopefully, a chance to make your partner happier.

    How to stop presuming your partner's judgment

    Many HIV personals have sexual desires hidden deep down with the fear of what the other partner would think about them. They would feel afraid of bringing the idea up in case they'll be rejected. However, you could give your partner the benefit of doubt because if they love you, they’ll embrace anything that could make you happy. This is also great as HIV sex should be grounded with one partner. However, when you pull back and fret with an unfulfilled sexual fantasy, you’ll be denying yourself the fun you need and also your window of sex drive ever rebuilding again could be closing. And if it does whilst you could have done something, it’ll be your fault.


    Research shows that dyadic fantasy sharing has mended lost passion and restored the connection between HIV personals. It has also mended dysfunctional relationships through trust and sharing of the deepest crazy thoughts. For any HIV couple, this tip would help in reigniting the constant loss of sexual drive. Facing your sexual fantasies together is sharing your hearts.




  • Tips about exercise and being positive: HIV and exercise Posted by Admin on Jul 20, 2018

    Tips about exercise and being positive: HIV and exercise


    Exercise is beneficial to every person irrespective of your health. It is important to set aside time for physically moving your body to ensure natural processes that involve the muscles and tissues are functioning properly. While we all need exercise, HIV positive people have a more reason to engage in physical activity. Although medication and antiretroviral drugs

    may be enough to boost your immunity or help fight the virus in your body, exercise is crucial. Do not underestimate the body's ability to naturally fight virus and any strange cells to full recovery. Exercise slows progression of HIV and also increases blood count, which is integral for transporting white blood cells to necessary parts of your body. In fact, according to a health research campaign in South Carolina, HIV infected people that exercise for at least four times in a day are less likely to develop AIDS.

    Starting off is half of succeed

    Starting off an exercise program is not easy. Many people have negative energy whenever a topic of exercise comes up with regards to healthy living. The increasing campaigns and gym centers evidence the importance and need of people in society to engage their bodies in physical exercises. The modern lifestyle deprives the body of its ability to function naturally because of automation of every aspect. We sit and only move to pick a cup or get into a car. It is not easy to start exercising because your body is used to a dormant kind of lifestyle. But you have no option, you need to exercise. You can actually make it simpler for your body.

    You do not have to set high goals 'unrealistic' at the beginning. The only thing you will achieve when you begin on a high note is disappointment. Set realistic goals. When starting out in exercise you have to first consider the level you are in HIV treatment. Secondly, analyze your level of body fitness, which determines the kind of exercise you need. Beginning with a highly strenuous activity will not work you will not last more than a week. Choosing the kind of exercise is crucial; begin on a fun finding mission. You can run for short distances consistently for two weeks before advancing the exercise.


    Why does exercise help?

    Basically, exercise keeps your body tissues and organs active and functional. Although exercise is recommended to everyone, it is more beneficial if you are HIV positive. In fact, if you begin exercise early, you are less likely to advance to AIDS. Yes, exercise can help in managing and halt progression of HIV.

    When you run, for instance, your lungs open up thus increased oxygen intake. Also, the heart rate increases thus pumping blood to all parts of the body that activates the tissues and body organs. When you are infected with HIV, all you need is active cells to fight the virus. Active and clean blood around the body helps in boosting the immune system of your body. Besides common need for physical fitness, exercise helps in reducing anxiety and depression, which HIV patients are likely to experience.

    Between exercise, how to relax

    While it is highly advisable for you to exercise, it is important to when to go out and engage your body in physical movement and when to stay indoors. It all depends with the level of treatment. Some antiretroviral drugs are strong with side effects that would not allow you to go out alone and engage in energy activities. If you feel dizzy, nauseous, or just had a diarrhea, avoid engaging your body in energy depletion activities. You might insist on exercising and actually worsen your condition.

    Every day is different for an HIV patient. While you may have been active yesterday and did run for 30 minutes, the next day you might be feeling weak. If you are in the middle of a physical activity and you feel extremely exhausted, do not insist on going on exercising. You might fall and not only hurt yourself but worsen your condition. Be sure to self-evaluate your body every other time before you go out. While it is essential, be wise to know when to stop.

  • Magic Johnson: NBA legend, career and HIV Posted by Admin on Jul 18, 2018

    Magic Johnson: NBA legend, career and HIV

    The Breaking News & Public Reactions

    In November 1991, Magic Jordan got breaking news from his doctor on his HIV status. It was shocking and time changing news for the Lakers star. At the time, the team had travelled for a game in another state when the doctor called asking for an immediate return of Magic. The test was part of a routine physical on Lakers players. Reportedly, Magic was not sickly or with any hint on his health status. Early 1990s when he was diagnosed HIV positive was the days when HIV was associated with gays and drug addicts. It was a depressing and confusing time for the basketball star. In fact, he says in one of his recent interviews of how he thought he was going die when the doctor first called asking for his immediate return. While it is a factor in his emotions, he confirms that it does no longer eat him up as when he first heard he had HIV.

    Few weeks later after the diagnosis, Magic became the first celebrity in the United States to publicly announce of being HIV positive. This was not only shocking to the basketball fans but the whole world because Magic was known across the globe. It was a shock and depressing time not only for the family but his sponsors and team mates too realizing the fact that they were losing a legend. The public announcement included a resignation from Lakers where he was a promising player breaking his own records. To many, Magic’s life was a ticking time bomb and it was technically over.

    However, Magic had a different and unique bounce to the news. In as much as it depressed and changed his life completely, he did not bow to the disease’s intimidation and fear. Magic continued with his career in other fronts and has built an empire in the industry. According to the NBA legend, the disease was an eye opener and opportunity for him to explore untapped potentials in him. Today, he has significant owner shares in Los Angeles Dodgers, an American business empire.

    Retirement as player, then the manager

    Magic’s retirement from playing basketball did not mean quit. His skills and prowess on the basketball court could not be left to go for free. According to Lakers owner Jerry Buss there was still something Magic could do in enhancing the industry even while on the outside. Towards the end of 1993, he was appointed as a head coach at Lakers. Typically, great players never have the chance to lead the team as a head coach. While they always have the will and ability to advance to this position, it just never happens. Magic’s story was unique. He actually admitted in one of the team’s conferences that he had always had the desire to be on the lead and feel what it is like to watch the Lakers and make decisions that change the game.

    At first, his performance was exemplary. In fact, Lakers won six games consistently. Jerry’s decision wasn’t bad after all as anyone would have thought. Magic had it all it takes. However, this did not last. The ship sank not far from the dock. The team began losing games consistently that led to his resignation as the head coach. Lakers lost at least ten games consistently before Magic resigned.

    Magic’s personal life

    According to one of a former Laker, Jerry West, Magic did sleep around with different women. It was a common practice for him. Jerry’s autobiography goes ahead to give a range of 300 to 500 women in a year that possibly led to the positive results. The former Laker says that Magic’s diagnosis was not a surprise to him. According to him, it was a routine after every game for Magic to head to the sauna with several women before interviews with the press.

    However, Magic denounces these claims as false and unnecessary. According to the legend, HIV was a shock to him as it was to everyone else. He portrays himself as a responsible family man who does not go round sleeping with women. Nevertheless, the way he came out publicly despite being a celebrity and successful in career is the hit.