• HIV Positive Dating: Disclosing Posted by Admin on Oct 12, 2019

    HIV Positive Dating: Disclosing

    It doesn’t matter if you just learned that you are HIV positive, or have had it for decades, there is going to be a point where you decide if you want to disclose your status while living with HIV. Picking who you tell is something that is a personal choice, and you could find yourself trying to be honest while protecting your privacy.

    There may be issues that come with HIV Dating, and there isn’t the same answer for every single person, but below are some tips that you should keep in mind when it comes to disclosing:

    Be Selective: It is your right and choice to pick who you want to disclose your status to and its your right. However, there are some states that will require you to tell your status before you have sex, before getting medical care, and before sharing injection equipment or drugs.

    Take your time: There are times when you can take your time to think about who you want to tell and how you are going to tell them. Think about if there is a reason for disclosing or if it is because you want to share your feelings and are anxious. Telling people can affect your life.

    Don’t apologize: You have a virus and you don’t have to apologize because you are HIV positive.

    Don’t Isolate yourself: If you can’t tell family or friends or loved ones, then reach out to the HIV community. Join a support group or online forum.

    Listen to your gut: There isn’t a perfect way to do anything, just trust your instinct.

    Relax: There are plenty of people who have went through this and did okay. You can do it too.

    There are some people who will disclose their status to potential sexual partners or dates right away, and sometimes before the first day. There are some who will wait to see if the relationship goes further before they decide to disclose their status. Even though there are plenty of people that are practicing safer sex, and they understand how this virus can be transmitted, the stigma and fear can cause strong emotions and the fact that you are living with HIV can cause people from going further with you in a relationship.

    There are some sexual partner and dating disclosure problems that you may want to think about:

    Whatever you say to your partner will need to be as direct and as simple as possible.

    Take time and give yourself a bit of credit because you and any of your sexual partners only practice safer sex and that helps for your decision to disclose your status to and that means that you being responsible and your partner is too.

    Not every person that you tell will have a negative response, but if the person that you do tell reacts negatively, remember that is just one person. Not all people are the same.

    Remember that you will need to give that person that you are disclosing to a bit of time in order to fully process the information. What their reaction may be to start with, whether it is positive or negative could possibly change in the future.

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