• Why HIV Positive people are better to date Posted by Admin on Dec 16, 2018

    Why HIV Positive men are better to date

    HIV has been one of the most controversial topics over the past decade. This was mainly because the concept of being HIV positive or negative and how it affects the lives of others was not clear enough. But with the progress of time as science made more advancement, people today have learned the details of what was once considered to be an untouchable infectious epidemic. Though it has been much widely accepted throughout the world, being HIV positive can still affect their lives big time. More than the impact on their health, it is their mind and psyche that are affected the most. Everything from their day to day life to their relationships can be turned upside down.

    But when it comes to a relationship, you are offered with a lot of reasons that makes it a better option to date HIV positive men. Be it you are straight or gay, dating an HIV positive man has a lot of benefits. When you choose to date HIV positive gay men, you can expect a lot of compassion and rationale from them. This is mainly because they have all been through the same situation. It may be that they were HIV positive from before that urged them to be gay, or they just have a liking for the same sex and later on found out that they were HIV positive, but they have all faced the same things from the world – discretion and avoidance from all those around them before LGBT was widely accepted by the law in recent times.


    Do you have an HIV positive gay partner?

    Ask him about is life. There are a lot of things that will be new to you. They can even provide you with a better explanation about how their life actually is and factors have resulted in the conditions they today are in. Once you get to know them, there are hardly any chances that you cannot feel any compassion for them. You may be straight, you may be gay as well but that does not matter. While the risks involved with dating an HIV positive man are few, there are many benefits.

    The best part is serosorting is not smart anymore. Rather it is stupidity to choose your partner on the basis of their HIV status and a gay man can provide you with the best explanations for the same.

    Why date HIV positive men?

    With HIV positive men now spread widely across the globe, finding them is not an issue anymore. Every year many parties are organized for HIV positive individuals – male and female, gay and straight and one can easily find someone they think they will gel up with. They will not harm anyone, not even their partners who are not HIV positive as well. Also, being on constant medication, they are the safest partner you can have all to yourself. They also have an added knack for adventuring out sex and are quite wild about it. The most important benefit about dating an HIV positive man is that they know the importance of solid communication and will never leave you out and can do anything that any other guy can.

    Benefits of dating HIV positive men

    The main reasons to date an HIV positive man include:

    • The disease is not transmittable, that means HIV positive men will not be going around spreading the disease.
    • Having gone through the same phase during their life, they are more open and frank. They know the world better and can rationalize the world to great extents.
    • Once they disclose about being HIV positive to you, there are hard chances that they are going to cheat or ditch in the relationship.

    You can find a lot of HIV positive individuals living happily in gay relationships. Not only they enjoy each other’s company to such an extent that they forget all their worries, but also have faced the same things, they understand each other better. They are more empathetic as they can relate things to their own lives much faster. Also, based on similar types of experience, it is possible for them to provide you with the best suggestions on how to deal with your current problem.

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