• HIV basics: Can I get HIV From Oral Sex? Posted by Admin on Nov 15, 2018

    HIV basics: Can I get HIV From Oral Sex?

    HIV basics: Can I get HIV From Oral Sex?

    Oral Sex and HIV

    The question is, is it possible to become infected with HIV while having unprotected oral sex. Oral sex with a condom usually causes unpleasant feelings among many. However, is it worth the risk?

    Each person is responsible for their own health, makes choices based on their awareness of modes of transmission of STIs (sexually transmitted infections) and HIV, the possible dangers of certain behaviors. If your partner tells you that he is HIV - positive, this does not mean that he does not have HIV. If it looks "decent human being" or "healthy enough", it also makes no guarantees about their HIV status and the lack of STIs. Probably many people would like to hear what kind of sex is safe. We assume that you already know about transmission of the virus, and offer you this knowledge to think again about possible dangers and means of protection when engaging in oral sex.

    Ways of Spreading the Infection

    It is possible to become infected with HIV through oral sex. Although this kind of sex is safer than unprotected sex (active or passive role). But can you always say with certainty that you have no bleeding gums not inflamed mucous membranes of the mouth and throat? How regularly do you visit the dentist? If you have bleeding gums, the inflamed mucous membrane of the oral cavity, a sore throat or you feel cold, it better to avoid unprotected oral sex. The same applies to the healing period of the gums after tooth extraction, filling, cleaning teeth from plaque and other procedures at the dentist. It is not recommended to brush your teeth 2 hours before and after oral sex as a toothbrush can damage the gums, thereby creating an entrance gate for infections. Not everyone uses a condom for oral sex, but it is a voluntary choice. It is important to remember that in addition to HIV, there is another infection. Many diseases are transmitted during unprotected oral sex. For example, the transmitted pathogens are hepatitis B and C. Hepatitis can be transmitted through unprotected oral or anal sex, as well as RMG (oral-anal contact).

    The transmission of HIV from woman to woman is quite low. But that does not mean the absence. There are reports about the possibility of HIV infection during unprotected sexual intercourse of women with women. It is recommended to avoid oral sex with a woman in the menstrual period or immediately after menstruation because blood is often transferred to pathogens of viral infections. The main infection among women who have sex with women, in addition to the risk of HIV is vaginal candidiasis (thrush).


    Prevention of the Disease

    Actually, it is up to you how to behave in a case with the mentioned illness. In order to protect you and your partner, you should be quite careful while contacting the person. Try to speak about the possible danger of the contact. Moreover, you should decide when and how would you like to have a contact. Communication is the best solution for almost all problems. There are many ways to get infected with HIV, most transmission occurs during sexual intercourse or shared drug use, and the probability of contamination is different for each method. To increase or decrease the risk of transmitting the virus can various factors. For example, if an HIV-infected person is on antiretroviral therapy (meds for HIV), the risk of transmitting the virus to other people may fall by as much as 96%. Remember that condom use reduces the risk of contracting or transmitting HIV by about 80%, on the other hand, the risk of sexual transmission of the virus is also growing. A high level of HIV in the blood, which happens in the initial and late stages of the disease, also increases the chance of transmission. Contracting HIV during unprotected sex is extremely unlikely: on average, only five out of ten of thousands of sex acts with an HIV-infected person leads to the spread of the disease. With unprotected anal sex the risk of contracting more than ten times. Nevertheless, everything depends on your attitude toward the disease.


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