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    Open Relationship Tips For HIV Positive Couple

    Open relationships of different kinds have been existing for quite some time now. However, those which serve the purpose and survive the commitment at the same time are very few. An HIV positive couple engaging in an open relationship is as delicate as any other couple. However, there is a higher health risk to the already delicate health state. But how can these relationships maintain a healthy relationship plus that of the body? There are various things HIV couples must consider before plunging into the open relationship status.

    Things you need to consider when an HIV positive couple has an open relationship in order to reduce risk

    Confirm your status

    Sometimes a couple may assume that they are both HIV positive especially if one had the infection at first. However, you don't really know. Unless you have confirmed your statuses in the second lab test, you'll never know. A few too many cases have been reported where one partner had HIV at first but the other didn't and even after they had unprotected sex for some time, it didn't reflect on the other's status.

    Sometimes, you could discover that you were never positive at all. When plunging into the open relationship, you both have to confirm your HIV statuses in order to be on the same page about everything.

    Lay down rules

    Rules are important when making relations with other partners. Because you understand your statuses, you get to decide what is appropriate and what is not. Not having rules can cause problems in open relationships. Each partner doing their own thing leads to complications of both health and also the relationship nature.

    Always use Condoms

    Sometimes you'd have been involved with another couple too many times so you trust them, but condoms should be a must. However, most people ignore protection if they both have HIV. This is really dangerous as there are many risk factors like getting an STD which will cause a superinfection.

    A superinfection is simply an addition of another infection to the HIV infection.  Or it may be the inclusion of another type of HIV virus to your existing one which ruins your health and immunity vastly. An HIV positive couple should ensure that the other partner is using condoms. As one cannot be entirely sure, they can also educate the partner about the dangers of not including condoms in the open relationship.

    Prepare with PrEP

    PrEP is a pre-treatment which upon taking and following its treatment measures, you have less risk of infection in case exposed to another HIV virus. This will prevent superinfection through HIV but it is also important to note that it isn’t a remedy for contracting other STIs. Therefore, other risk reduction measures shroud be followed.

    Limit your partners

    HIV positive couple open relationships should be carried delicately and this is why you should limit partners. Set you partners limit when you lay out the rules because of the more the partners, the more the risk of getting infected or infecting the partner with STD. You can maintain relations with your first other partners so you can set up meetings with them mostly in order to avoid spreading of any significant infection.

    This is also one of the best remedies of HIV couple jealousy. Too much freedom results in confusion as you may meet some people whom you may think you have a connection with. This will result in the loss of support with your current partner which is a great risk of ruining it all.

    Decide less risky sex

    When HIV couples in an open relationship, there are many less risky sex habits. This could include preferring oral sex and other less risky forms of sex in order to reduce the risk of infecting each other. It is important to note that this reduces the risks but doesn’t prevent them necessarily.

    Talk with the partners in the open relationship

    This is a step many partners ignore but it is extremely important. When you both explain to each other what is safe and what isn’t, the other partners will be able to understand the way the whole relationship will work. However, without doing that, you may tend to disagree due to their different understanding of what you want. Being on the same page with people you’ll be having an open relationship with is really important.

    Bottom Line

    A HIV positive couple which wants to be involved in open relationships has to be extremely careful. Communication of every single detail is paramount for laying out every concern. A successful open relationship is ensured by communication and trust.




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