• Tips for HIV positive couple: Regain passion by sharing your fantasy about your partner Posted by Admin on Aug 29, 2018

    Tips for HIV positive couple: Regain passion by sharing your fantasy about your partner

    A pair of HIV couple tends to lose their sexual drive due to many factors including the HIV infection. Passion could be waning and your sex diminishing with time. The honeymoon effect is long gone and all that is remaining is two loving yet distanced partners. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. You can go from a passionless phase to exploding sparks of desire for your partner. This is by use of this tactic of sharing your sexual fantasy with your partner. Exploring your dyadic fantasies could be the solution for your fading relationship.

    HIV personals benefit from a great deal from sharing sexual fantasies with each other. It has been proven to be effective among the couples without compromising the emotional distance that’s between them. This way, even the most faded passion can be reignited. For this to happen, the HIV couple has to be ready to face their sexual fantasies and share them without being ashamed. This brings me to;

    Why you can’t share your fantasies with your partner

    -You could be clueless about your sexual fantasies

    -You could be ashamed of your fantasies

    -You think your partner will judge you for it

    These three reasons why you haven’t yet started exploring your sexual fantasies will be ruining your HIV sex more than you know it. These reasons have to be shattered so you can relate to your partner more to enhance a sexually fulfilling relationship.

    How to identify your sexual fantasy

    Think about it. What happens when you constantly think about sex? You obviously imagine what could happen if this, if that. If you haven’t exercised your mind to think about it, no ideas will come. Start thinking about sex for the whole day and imagine what you’ll like to do when you are your most naughty self. What would you like your partner to do for you, to you? Think about it harder, how does it make you feel? Do you feel the slightest arousal? If yes. That’s probably your sexual fantasy.

    To some of you, this doesn’t come easily. You try lighting candles and imagining but nothing happens. However, this shouldn’t bother you. Provided you are trying to get it right, it’ll eventually come to you. Your sexual fantasy will pop up spontaneously even when you are walking in the streets and that’s when you know what to do. Share it with your partner. That takes me to the second fantasy blocker.

    How to stop judging your fantasies

    No matter how crazy your sexual fantasies are, they are yours. In fact, they might not be crazy at all. If you get to know other’s fantasies, you’ll be amazed. The best part is accepting them, accepting that you have needs. This part is not entirely easy as experiences could tarnish your sexual self-love and that’s ok. But give yourself a chance. A chance to be alive again. And hopefully, a chance to make your partner happier.

    How to stop presuming your partner's judgment

    Many HIV personals have sexual desires hidden deep down with the fear of what the other partner would think about them. They would feel afraid of bringing the idea up in case they'll be rejected. However, you could give your partner the benefit of doubt because if they love you, they’ll embrace anything that could make you happy. This is also great as HIV sex should be grounded with one partner. However, when you pull back and fret with an unfulfilled sexual fantasy, you’ll be denying yourself the fun you need and also your window of sex drive ever rebuilding again could be closing. And if it does whilst you could have done something, it’ll be your fault.


    Research shows that dyadic fantasy sharing has mended lost passion and restored the connection between HIV personals. It has also mended dysfunctional relationships through trust and sharing of the deepest crazy thoughts. For any HIV couple, this tip would help in reigniting the constant loss of sexual drive. Facing your sexual fantasies together is sharing your hearts.




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