• Top Signs That You May Have HIV: weight loss, fever, fatigue… Posted by Admin on May 16, 2018

    Top Signs That You May Have HIV: weight loss, fever, fatigue…

    There is only one way that you can be really sure of your HIV status, by getting tested. The virus can cause various symptoms to someone who has contracted the infections, although sometimes these signs do not easily show up. However, HIV infections occur in three common stages: the acute HIV infection stage, chronic stage, and full-blown AIDs.

    These symptoms get worse over time and they tend to overwhelm a person’s immune system. However, speaking nowadays about your HIV status to your partner when you are dating, has become quite a common thing, with reduced cases of HIV stigmatization. This has enabled the creation of awareness regarding this virus which has assisted in educating the public about the common symptoms of this disease.

    More and more HIV single people are coming out in this era opening up about their HIV statuses, and most HIV communities are giving them all the support they need-be it physically, mentally or financially. This has led to the advent of such things as the HIV dating sites which has allowed people affected by this virus to come and interact with each other. This has, in turn, led to the creation of an effective HIV dating community globally, which has allowed infected individuals to find spouses among each other and develop strong families.

    Although such things as dating HIV positive gay practices have led to an increased spread of this virus- considered as a very risky sexual behavior. However, in this article, we are going to concentrate solely on the symptoms of HIV, some of which may aid you in knowing if you have it, or maybe a friend or family.

    Here are some of the top signs, which are overlooked most of the times, that you may have HIV:

    Weight loss

    Weight loss is actually one of the most common sign that you have contracted HIV, though at other times this symptom may appear at advanced stages- this is highly due to severe diarrhea. Losing weight rapidly has been highly associated with a weak immune system, and as it is commonly known, HIV is an infection which aggressively attacks the immune systems of its victims. Experiencing weight loss coupled with body weakness or diarrhea for almost a period of 30 days is a common indication that you have HIV.


    Mild fever, which reaches up to 102 degrees Celsius, is one of the most common early signs of having HIV infection. When the fever occurs, it is usually accompanied by mild symptoms such as swollen lymph glands, sore throat or in most cases fatigue. According to medical research, fever appears as a result of the HIV virus entering the bloodstream and beginning to replicate in large quantities, which results in an inflammatory effect by the immune system.


    This symptom occurs during both the early and late stages of HIV. The inflammatory reaction by a person’s overwhelmed immune system is one of the reasons that HIV victims begin feeling tired and lethargic. Most of those infected have reported that they started feeling tired suddenly, getting tired faster from doing a very easy task, or from walking a short distance. So if you start to experience a feeling of fatigue which continues over a long period of time, go to a clinic and get tested as early as possible.

    Achy muscles, swollen lymph nodes, and achy joints

    Another top sign of HIV infection is experiencing very excruciating pains and swelling in the joints, muscles and the lymph nodes. These symptoms can at most times be mistaken for other infections such as the flu, syphilis, mononucleosis or hepatitis. Lymph nodes, commonly located at the neck, groin and armpit regions, get inflamed whenever a person is infected. Therefore it is very important that when you experience such signs you go and get tested.

    Skin Rashes

    These rashes can occur at an early or advanced stage of this infection. These rashes may appear like boils, with some itchy regions around the armpits, which are pink in color. These rashes may also appear on the rest of the body parts such as chest, arms, at the back, neck, just to mention a few. When strange skin rashes appear, especially in plenty, be aware, that is a red flag that you may have HIV.

    Nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea

    Most people infected with HIV have reported having experienced short-term diarrhea, vomiting, and nausea in the primary stages of this infection. These symptoms may also be as a result of opportunistic diseases, which causes a weakened immune system. However, these specific symptoms cause a person’s body to lose lots of water and nutrients, playing a huge part in the loss of weight.


    Top Signs That You May Have HIV: weight loss, fever, fatigue…






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