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Over 30 Dating: Find HSV Soul on PositiveSingles?

HSV or Herpes Simplex Virus causes a contagious disease that spreads in the oral cavity and genitals of inflicted men and women. Thus, when an adult person is diagnosed with herpes he/she may find dating quite difficult, due to the infectious nature of this disease. Blisters appear on the affected region of the body, causing tremendous pain and inflammation to the patient. However, this disease is manageable and patients need not panic about the future of their love life. PositiveSingles is a reputed dating site that offers a solution to all the dating problems of HSV patients. It is also known to be a free site where people can find similar-minded good friends as well.

Why choose PositiveSingles for over 30 dating with HSV partners?

Provides STD-inflicted partners – If you are diagnosed with HSV or any other STD, you need not stay away from dating for the entire lifetime. PositiveSingles offers a huge database of STD-inflicted males and females. Thus, its members can expect to find suitable dating partners on this site, without needing any special searching tool for this reason. They just need to specify their age group, gender, and type of STD disease to search for the ideal dating partner.

Various features for communication – Members can chat online with their chosen dating partners using the Live Chat option provided by this dating site. Apart from this instant messaging system, people can read the stories posted by other members about their disease and how they are dealing with such situations. The stories of successful treatment of STD render emotional strength to all undergoing similar sufferings. People can also post queries about changes in lifestyle and dating after being diagnosed with HSV.

Inspires to deal with all diseases – All members are encouraged to speak out about their diseases, mainly STDs that can be cured or made ineffective with proper treatment. PositiveSingles also asks members to notify their statuses regarding COVID-19 infection and vaccination in their profiles. They can also mention whether they are following all guidelines to restrict the spread of all infectious diseases. In this way, it becomes easier for other members to find out suitable dating partners, who share similar health conditions.

Options for narrowing the search – Members can further filter their searches on this dating site, by adding more parameters, like location, height, weight, and other factors. In this way, they can narrow down their searches and have fewer profiles of probable dating partners. Thus, they can save time and effort while finding suitable dating partners on PositiveSingles.

Manage uploading photos – This dating site offers the provision of uploading as many photos as a member wants to display on his/her profile. However, a person has the freedom of hiding his/her photos from unknown members of the opposite sex except for his/her chosen dating partner. Members are free to show their profile pictures only upon request from a person who shows interest in knowing them.

Guidance from dating advisor – Both male and female members can seek advice from dating advisors associated with PositiveSingles. They just need to send an email to the customer care of this dating site, citing the problems that they are facing in finding HSV dating partners. Then they are put in contact Live dating advisor on this site so that they can discuss online all their doubts and hesitations regarding dating despite their disease.

Controlling the profile view – All members can decide who can see their profiles that are made on PositiveSingles. They may make it public so that all other members can have a view of their profiles, or they may simply choose to keep their profiles private so that only their chosen partners can see their details. Members can also see who likes their profiles or postings on this dating site. Hence, people can know whenever someone is taking an interest in knowing them so that they can start dating.

A view of the chat history – Members can have unlimited access to all their chat histories with other members of PositiveSingles. So, they may have a view of whatever they discussed with others about STD and their sufferings due to their diseases, on the platform of this dating site.

Ready assistance from Help Desk – The customer care of PositiveSingles is always ready to help all members whenever they have any query. Members can contact 24 x 7 to clear their doubts or to have further information about over 30 Herpes dating, which is a sensitive issue for them. Members can also expect help from the community forum of this site, where other members may provide them guidance and mental support for Herpes dating.

Option of showing interest in a member – Any male or female member can express his/her interest in a member of the opposite sex, just by giving a like on his/her profile. There are buttons to like or pass by the profiles of their probable dating partners. It is absolutely okay if they simply choose to pass some profiles, without liking them.

All profile details verified – The information filled up by members in their PositiveSingles profiles is duly checked and verified by this dating site authority. This step is very important to safeguard members from fraud. Thus, people can rely on the credibility of the details provided by other members, due to the strict verification process adopted by the dating site. Even the photos uploaded by members should be genuine, as only current photos are asked to share on this platform.

Affordable membership fees – The primary registration on PositiveSingles is free and anyone can fill up the given online form to register themselves on this dating site. However, premium membership is provided in return for an affordable monthly fee, which varies from $15.95 to $19.95 per month. Members can buy 3-months or 6-months membership to enjoy all the premium facilities offered by this dating site.

Special features on an iOS app – Now, the PositiveSingles app is available for all iPhone users worldwide. There is a special Chat room for members where they can communicate and share their stories with other members of this dating site. There is also a Voice room where members can directly speak to other STD singles and even invite them to speak on this platform. iPhone users can send virtual Drift bottles with a specific photo or text message, which can be randomly opened by any other member of this dating site and they may reply accordingly. The users of this iOS app can provide feedback on the displayed profile photos of other members while browsing for finding their ideal partners. The authenticity of these photos can be verified by direct video scanning of the faces of all new members.

Exclusive features on Android app – The users of the PositiveSingles app on Android mobiles enjoy a safety lock so that no one else can open this app and secretly check its contents. Users are invited to post blogs regarding their experiences of over 30 HSV dating. They can also share their romantic moments with their dating partners on this app. Other features are almost the same as available for members of this dating site on their computers or iPhones.

PositiveSingles was created to help all STD patients with the joy of dating despite their diseases. Thus, this dating site is a boon for people detected with HSV over 30 so that they can find their perfect dating partners among other Herpes patients.

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