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How to Date Someone With Herpes

Millions of people all around the world have a positive diagnosis for herpes. This does not mean the end of all dating or intimate relationships, however. If you are part of this group, there are certain things you must be aware of to make the experience easier, more comfortable, and safer for everyone involved. If you do not have this medical issue, it is still possible to date someone with herpes with proper information on your side.

PostiveSingles.com offers an excellent way that single men and women with herpes and other STD diagnoses can find a relationship and connect with someone who knows what they are going through.

Communication and Understanding Are Key

One of the more difficult aspects of dating with a herpes diagnosis is the decision to reveal it to your romantic partners. Of course, this has to be done before you have any sexual contact. While both HSV-1 and HSV-2 do not have any cures at this time, they can be managed quite effectively.

Not only do you have to tell partners that you have herpes, but you should also reveal what that means for your interactions. Unfortunately, too many people overreact and instantly turn you down for a dinner out or any other type of date. Communicate, educate, but do not apologize for your diagnosis. Many other personal qualities matter more when it comes to forging a true connection

Practice Safer Sexual Habits

Whether you are the person with the positive herpes diagnosis or are dating someone who has it, it is possible to still have a safer romantic and sexual relationship. If both are HSV positive, this becomes more of a question of comfort and overall wellbeing. This is one reason why many positive singles seek out people who share their medical status.

Schedule sexual relations around outbreaks, which may only happen two or three times per year. Take doctor prescribed medication to minimize outbreaks. Always keep lines of communication open. When the relationship gets deeper, consider sharing medical information more fully.

Even if you have a casual connection, knowing the other person's STD and herpes status is important. When you have a dating site like PositiveSingles.com on your side, this struggle disappears.

Look for Love in the Best Places

Whether you simply want to find someone fun to go out on the town with, dance the night away, or take to a special event or you are looking for a lifelong partner, it helps to look for this connection in the right place. If you have a herpes diagnosis, you can cut out a lot of the misunderstandings and knee-jerk reactions to this revelation by choosing an online dating site like Positivesingles.com

With literally millions of members, Positive Singles is the largest STD and herpes dating site in the world. Its high-powered search capabilities allow you to narrow down the options by gender, sexuality, age, personality traits, and diagnosis. This can help you find someone on the same wavelength who is looking for a similar relationship more easily.

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