• How to Overcome Depression and Emotional Issues Related to Herpes? Posted by Admin on Nov 15, 2018

    how to deal with emotional issues related to herpes?

    How to Overcome Depression and Emotional Issues Related to Herpes?

    It is wise to admit that depression rates among young people diagnosed with herpes is on the increase and needs urgent attention. Herpes and dating remains a problem facing these people when, it should not be a hindrance to experience a life full of love and happiness. An increase in suicidal thoughts among adults is a red sign that responsible parents and loved ones should take into consideration to save the situation before it gets out of hand.

    Besides the embarrassment and agony of learning that you are infected with herpes, there is hope in knowing that it is manageable. Herpes is not a fatal illness and should not be the cause of panic and extreme strain psychologically. Today, the virus has infected a large portion of the American population across all ages and classes of people. In fact, based on recent surveys, scientists have suggested that one of four women and one out of every five men are infected with the virus in the US. What is most amazing is the fact that despite these high rates, most of the victims are unaware of their condition. If you are infected, you do not need to worry and get depressed because you are not alone.

    It is important to note that people living with the virus can still lead long happy and romantically satisfying lives. They can still maintain their normal lives while managing their condition with medication. However, the stigma that comes with knowledge and spread in the society is detrimental. It is the cause of depression in many young people and a likely cause of suicide. Herpes and dating remain a problem facing these people when it should not be a hindrance to experience a life full of love and happiness.

    Panic and Worry

    After the first bout of the outbreak, it is common for most people to slump into stress that eventually leads to depression. Although the frequency of subsequent outbreaks can be reduced with suppressive therapy, depression is a bigger enemy to restored or sustained health. The most complicated issue, especially among the single people, is dating with herpes. Herpes and dating is increasingly a stressing issue and the reason for depression. However, when approached with openness and honesty, the condition is embraceable and manageable.

    The initial panic and worry that comes from the realization that one is infected are based on the stigma that follows. The fear of being rejected by a sexual partner and the discrimination among social circles and friends. In the effort to manage the disease, herpes and sexual contact become the most complicated issue to approach. Since the disease is easily transferable by all forms of sexual contact, victims get depressed about having to change their sexual habits.

    Singles and Depression

    There are many recently conducted surveys that link depression to herpes diagnosis. With the high increase of infections today, depression rates equally rise with a direct proportionality. Early statistics indicated that adults infected with the HSV-2 virus were twice as likely to be depressed compared to those who did not. These rates have since increased with the times, as more people are falling victims to the virus. The surveys also found that depression is caused by the perception that the patients led a careless sexual life. They are assumed to be people who take sexual risks or are promiscuous.

    Herpes may be the cause of depression in people but depression also increases the frequency of herpes outbreaks. This connection keeps people in a psychological maze, which is hopeless and infuriating.

    Dealing with Depression

    The best way to deal with depression is; find people or someone who is infected too and talk to them. This will be therapeutic and you will heal faster from depression. You will also experience fewer outbreaks thanks to a good psychological well-being. When you meet people with herpes, you will not be afraid to open up and talk freely about the challenges, stigma, and share the best methods of dealing with the outbreak.  

    You may also hire the services of a psychiatrist or counselor. Call them whenever you need guidance or help to manage the disease. Apart from a professional counselor, a close loved one such as an elderly family member is a good choice for a confidant to help you talk about the disease and the challenges that come with it.

  • I Use Condom Every Time but Still Caught Herpes? Posted by Admin on Nov 08, 2018

    I Use Condom Every Time but Still Caught Herpes?

    No doubt, Herpes is primarily transmitted through unprotected sex. It is among the most common Sexually Transmitted Infections. The mild symptoms and slow effect of the sexual disease infection attribute to its fast and widespread. You might take a year or two before you know you contracted the disease. By this time, you might have transmitted to your dating partner.

    Unprotected sex is the sure way to contract Herpes. However, using a condom does not guarantee you protection from the virus. All manner of sexual engagement; oral, anal, as well as kissing pose you at risk of contracting Herpes. Yes, there are multiple ways you can contract the virus; of course, one has to have sores in the mouth or in any of the parts involved in contact and share of fluids.

    A condom is an ultimate protection to STIs; however, it only covers a man’s penis. During intercourse, the genital area is still exposed to direct skin contact. If there are any sores or infection on either of the sex partners, the virus can easily be transmitted. It only requires few minutes or even seconds of direct contact on sored areas around the genitals and you will be living with the virus for the rest of your life. Yes, Herpes is incurable. You will have to learn ways of managing your condition and live with the virus.

    Mouth to mouth

    You might be wearing a condom on a hookup dating but the virus was transmitted earlier than you think. The virus causing Herpes can be transmitted through kissing. While deep kissing exposes you to more risks, a mere contact with an infected person and sharing of saliva transmits the virus. It may not necessarily be a deep infection on the mouth; a pimple or any opening that exposes soft tissues and blood vessels is an entry point for the virus. The infected person may not necessarily have sores, the virus exists in fluids, and exposure to saliva of an infected person increases infection risks.

    Besides, sharing cutlery exposes you to risk of contracting the virus. You might want to be keen when quickly tasting a friend’s food. You never know! As mentioned, the virus effect is mild, the infected individual may also be ignorant. You will be safe if you are exclusive with spoons and forks. HSV1 is the specific virus transmitted through the mouth.

    Mouth to genital

    A blowjob exposes you to Herpes infection risk. Both parties involved in the mouth to genital are at risk of being infected with the virus. If a man has Herpes, the virus can easily go through a mouth with sores. The vice versa is also true because in both cases, there is a sharing of fluids.

    While HSV2 that goes through genital to genital contact is more prevalent, HSV1 also causes Herpes. Both of these viruses lie dormant for weeks depending on body immunity and activity of an individual. Certain environments in the body might trigger an outbreak; the period between infection and outbreak differs from one person to another. It is possible to stay with the virus and live a healthy life because there might not be symptoms. Herpes signs can also be mistaken for simple allergy because they will subside after a few days. The best way to ascertain if you are infected or free from the virus causing Herpes is through the blood test.

    Herpes Prevention

    Always ensure you use a condom. However, this is no guarantee of being free from the virus. You need to integrate basic safety tips into your lifestyle. Avoid skin-to-skin contact. Avoid kissing anyone you are not sure about health status. Avoid sharing utensils.

    People with Herpes often engage in regular exercise and strict diet plans that involve light meals and vegetables. Also, avoiding nervous system stressors with strong drinks and hard to digest foods are some of the lifestyle tips on living with herpes.

    It is a common disease, which most people are coming to terms and embracing affected people. The stigmatization in society because of the link to careless living is fading.

  • Herpes Basic: what is it and how do you get it Posted by Admin on Oct 21, 2018

    What is Herpes?

    Herpes is caused by the herpes simplex virus commonly known as the HSV. What is important to know about this viral infection is that it lasts a long time. Moreover, it may never show any symptom although one is a carrier. It irritates the skin mostly affecting outer parts of the genitals, the anal region, and the mucosal surfaces. A patient will display blisters and complain of pain while passing out urine. Although various people claim to cure Herpes, there is neither an official curative treatment nor a method to keep from contracting herpes. Once you contract it you will need to learn to live with herpes.

    The two types of herpes infection are Herpes type one; HSV1, also called oral herpes and type 2 (HSV-2) which is genital herpes. In the United States, half the population has HSV-1 while 15% suffer from type 2 appearing on the genitals.

    Herpes Transmission

    HSV can be transmitted from the skin of an infected person via the moist skin aligning the mouth and genitals. Others experience sores on various parts of the skin including the eyes. No human contracts HSV by touching objects such as work surfaces or towels so do not feel vulnerable or in danger. Getting herpes from sharing a toilet is also impossible but still a very widespread rumor. Receiving oral sex from an infected person with HSV-1 may, however, transmit the infection.

    How do you Get Herpes?

    Apart from unprotected straight sex, infection of Herpes occurs mainly via oral sex with a patient who has cold sores on the mouth region, sharing sex toys, and having contact of the genitals with an infected person. An infected mother may also infect her baby during birth.

    Not many people get the symptoms as soon as 4 days after exposure to the infection. It may take months before the sores appear. Many patients have recurring Herpes that become less severe over time.

    Unprotected sex exposure to the virus remains the main form of transmission. Primary infection defines an outbreak of Genital Herpes when it first attacks an individual. The symptoms are usually severely characterized by red blisters, pain and itching, and vaginal discharge. The patient may also experience fever and the general feel of being unwell (malaise).

  • Celebrity with herpes: Young Boy Never Broke Alone Posted by Admin on Sep 19, 2018

    NBA YoungBoy, an up-and-coming American rapper who first came to limelight in 2016 as one of the promising stars of the current generation, has recently released a new single and video "Can't Be Saved."  This post of the blog will take you on a fast tour through the hot song which described the state of living with herpes. From the recent news from website, NBA Young Boy has been dating Jania for over 8 months.

    "Can't Be Saved," as of today, has had some over 10 million views, and over 14 thousand positive and encouraging comments on the Youtube website.

    The song has been regarded as the artist's way of publicly confessing he's got "herpes in my blood"- a reality he claimed has "got me cryin'," according to the lyrics of "Can't Be Saved".

    Following the release of the song, the artist's girlfriend, Jania, declared on her Instagram she too has the STD. "The same thing that's in his (Young Boy's) blood is the same thing that's in my blood," she admitted on the website. Jania has been dating with NBA Young Boy  8 months since the herpes song released.

    According to the online comments, the song's name and lyrical content spoke directly to the stigma that has been unfortunately attached to this altogether benign herpes dating and love. While living with herpes sure does seem to freak some folks out, the stigma surrounding people with herpes is severe enough to shame people into staying quiet about their diagnoses, both on and offline. Especially on the mainstream websites, single people with herpes would possibly be isolated even not a bit real contact would be made there. 

    In admitting he has got "herpes" in his blood from a news site, Young Boy points to the fact that "without science" coming up with a permanent cure, people with herpes really "ain't real.

    Now, when the artist sings about "'m a cut my alliance," what he really means may lies on a relationship while dating with herpes. Somehow, it gives the sense that the stigma of being herpes positive is like a dark cloud hanging over his head, as folks, he considers close and dear to him, keep on bringing the matter up, when there is no cause to. So, he's about, if not already severed such negative ties.

    In response, this is how he speaks to the matter, lyrically:

    “I been through this s***, now they tryna rewind it

    “I bury my dirt now they tryna go find it.”

    According to the artist, why focus on him on the lifestyle of herpes positive, when the focus should rightfully be the on the “children out hear dyin'.” And while persons accuse him of promoting “it (herpes), he is sure of one thing, and that is, he “cannot change his time, especially of what's left.” And while he goes on a date with his girlfriend, Young Boy said he has given “her everything… (explaining that everybody changed, and (he doesn't care anymore about what all those "niggas (who) ain't true to the game."

    PositiveSingles also posted a press release commenting the song

    PositiveSingles: herpes can't be cured, but "can be saved"

  • The 15 Cities With the Most Herpes Rates in US Posted by Admin on Aug 10, 2018

    The 15 Cities With the Most Herpes Rates in US

    General Information About Herpes

    Numerous scientific studies have shown that HSV infected up to 90% of the population of the globe. Besides, according to the official statistics, diseases caused by herpes viruses occupy the second place in the structure of mortality from viral diseases and which is 15.8%. The most common types of HSV are 1 and 2 type herpes simplex virus (HSV). It is known that HSV-1 happens earlier and more often than HSV-2. Antibodies to HSV-1 type, is found in almost 90% of the population aged 40 years. Antibodies to HSV-2 are usually discovered only in people who have reached puberty. In addition, the presence and tighter of antibodies to HSV-type 2 is correlated with sexual activity in the past. Antibodies thereto are isolated in 60% of adults who belong to the lowest microeconomics class and in 20-40% of adult middle and upper classes. Among all the infected with HSV-2 only 30% of people have clinical manifestations of infection of the genital organs, accompanied by rash.

    Previously it was thought that the lesions of the skin and mucous membranes on the face can be often detected antibodies to HSV-1 while genital lesions - HSV-2. Today, it is established that genital herpes caused by HSV-1 began to appear more frequently, although the role of HSV-2 still predominates in the incidence of genital herpes. The proportion of genital herpes due to HSV-1 is higher among the female population. Moreover, HSV-1 is often detected in women, aching genital herpes in the age group of 16-20 years.

    15 Cities with the Highest Level of Herpes

    Here is a list of 15 cities in the US where the level  is quite high. They are Richmond, Baltimore, New Orleans, St. Louis, Newark, Milwaukee, Chicago, Washington, D.C., Atlanta, Detroit, Memphis, Nashville, Oklahoma City, Norfolk, and Birmingham.


    According to statistics, more than one-third of the citizens of Atlanta suffer from genital herpes. Moreover, Atlanta has a higher rate that the national average herpes infection rate. The researchers tested that one in four citizens has this disease.


    This city is one of the most popular among the tourists. However, it is famous not only for remarkable places but also for the diseases which are spread around. One of such diseases is genital herpes. Richmond is ranked as the seventh city with sexual diseases.


    The current population is 621,445. In 2015, this city was ranked as the 24th worst state for inflectional diseases. Now, this city is on the 18th place. That is to say that the rate of herpes is quite high.

    New Orleans

    This city is in the second place of the most infected diseases. All the diseases are connected with sexual life. That is to say that transmission of it may be quite frequent and may increase dramatically.

    St. Louis

    St. Louis is considered to be the capital of sexually transmitted diseases.  It drops to the second place, according to the annual statistics. The diseases are transmitted sexually as well as with antibiotics. Currently, the city is trying to solve the problem and decreases the level of illness.


    This city is among the most dangerous cities in the USA where the rate of genital herpes and other infectious disease is very high. According to statistics, the rate for 1000 people is 15, 2.


    According to statistics, there is a high percentage of citizens in Milwaukee who suffer from herpes, especially genital ones. This disease can also be observed in teens aged 15-19.


    The Chicago rate for infectious disease was about 308 per 100,000 people. However, during the last years, the number of people with herpes has dramatically increased. The reason for it may be unprotected sexual connections.

    Washington, D.C.

    The official reports say that for the last 15 years the level of herpes infections has dramatically decreased. People have become more aware of their health and control any connections to prevent the infectious disease.


    Although this city is on the list of those with high rate of the infectious disease, the situation is currently improving.  There are a lot of treatment programs which enables to prevent the transmission of the infectious disease.


    The rate in Memphis remains still high. It is estimated that women have a higher rate of herpes than men, especially African-American women (48%).


    The rates in Nashville are climbing fast. In accordance with statistics, herpes has increased by 19 percent between 2014 and 2015. Currently, the situation remains the same.

    Oklahoma City

    The level in Oklahoma City remains quite high. It can rich up to 40% among sexually active people. It means that the disease will continue to grow causing a lot of negative consequences.


    The data shows that Birmingham has the highest rate of infectious disease. In 2015 every ninth person can have herpes. The most widely spread form among Birmingham citizens is genital herpes.