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    Herpes on the genitals of men and women can be observed quite often. The viral infection is transmitted mostly through sexual contact. Up to 20% of adults have genital herpes. The reason for the growth cases is early sexual activity. But there may be other reasons as well.

    Lesion of the mucous membrane of the genitals occurs after penetration into the body of the herpes virus of the second type. Sometimes the cause of genital herpes can be a third type but that rarely happens. The third type of virus triggers chickenpox and shingles.

    Modes of Transmission and Routes of Dissemination of Infection

    The herpes virus once penetrated in the body remains there forever. Modern medicine has never found a drug that could completely eradicate herpes virus from the human body. Therefore, the number of people who carriers this disease constantly increases every year. Some may not even know about the involvement in the infection of others, as the virus is dormant and does not manifest itself. In addition to the main cause (sexual relations), the herpes virus may enter the body in the following ways:

    • through the blood (transfusion)
    • through saliva
    • failure to comply with the rules of personal hygiene (the use of someone else's underwear or towels)
    • when infected in the pool, bath and other public places
    • through the toilet's public areas.

    The disease can be diagnosed among children who were infected with the herpes virus at the moment of passing through the birth canal of an infected mother. Once the virus enters the body, it begins to proliferate actively, but if the immune system is strong enough, the primary episode of genital herpes are asymptomatic. This manifestation is dangerous for a woman who bears a child.

    The recurrence of the disease in most cases is tolerated by the patient is much easier than after the first defeat. The recurrent form of the disease of the genital organs can occur not only due to sexual contact with a person who has observed the deterioration of the disease. A person can awake the herpes virus if he/she has a weak immune system. The main causes:

    • hypothermia or overheating
    • the use of things of an infected person, the disease which is the acute stage
    • colds and infectious diseases
    • prolonged fasting or improper diet
    • lack of vitamins and minerals
    • strong emotional load (stress, depression, etc.)
    • bad habits
    • hormonal imbalance
    • excessive physical activity (exhaustion)
    • the approach of the menstrual period in women.

    The Clinical Picture of the Pathology

    But if the immune system is weak then the symptoms begin to show themselves about 10 days after infection (incubation period). After completing the incubation period, patients begin to complain of any unpleasant feelings in the genital area. Slight burning and itching occur at the place where soon there will be a herpes rash. Additionally, there is a general deterioration of health, which can cause an increase in body temperature. With the development of the disease, the symptoms increase as well.


    Treatment of herpes is recommended to start as soon as the first uncomfortable symptoms appear. But first of all, you should consult a doctor. Only a doctor can properly diagnose and recommend how to treat cold sores correctly to avoid complications and prevent it from spreading.

    Men and women treatment is carried out at about the same scheme. Its principle will be to suppress the virus penile herpes, stop the inflammation, to accelerate the regeneration of damaged tissue and to relieve the patient from unpleasant symptoms at the time of treatment.

    To cope with the disease, patients are prescribed:

    • antiviral drugs
    • immunostimulatory
    • interferon inducers
    • analgesics.

    The localization of the rash should be treated with aniline dyes and special antiherpetic ointments.

    Genital Warts

    Apart from herpes, there is another disease which spoils the sexual life of the person. It is a genital wart.

    Genital warts are a direct result of papillomatosis.  This infection is transmitted from one individual to another by the sexual connection. Nevertheless, this infection does not belong to a harmless disease.

    The basic agent of the appearance of the warts is a virus Papaverine. The virus can manifest itself on:

    • the mucous membrane of the mouth,
    • the skin
    • bronchi,
    • the esophagus,
    • genital organs.

    Warts on the genitals are localized mainly in areas of maceration, where the skin is damaged from prolonged contact of the skin with moisture. Women have it on:

    • labia,
    • vagina
    • the cervix,
    • the mouth of the urethra,
    • the area of the anus.

    As for men, genital warts are located on the foreskin, on the glans penis, perianal region.

    Treatment of Genital Warts

    Today, there is not a developed a cure for HPV, so all methods based only on removing the symptoms of the virus, that is, the removal of warts. Therapeutic methods of genital warts showed a high percentage of the positive result, however, in a quarter of cases in the first three months after removal of warts on the genitals, relapse occurs, and papillomatous lesions returned.


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