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    I Use Condom Every Time but Still Caught Herpes?

    No doubt, Herpes is primarily transmitted through unprotected sex. It is among the most common Sexually Transmitted Infections. The mild symptoms and slow effect of the sexual disease infection attribute to its fast and widespread. You might take a year or two before you know you contracted the disease. By this time, you might have transmitted to your dating partner.

    Unprotected sex is the sure way to contract Herpes. However, using a condom does not guarantee you protection from the virus. All manner of sexual engagement; oral, anal, as well as kissing pose you at risk of contracting Herpes. Yes, there are multiple ways you can contract the virus; of course, one has to have sores in the mouth or in any of the parts involved in contact and share of fluids.

    A condom is an ultimate protection to STIs; however, it only covers a man’s penis. During intercourse, the genital area is still exposed to direct skin contact. If there are any sores or infection on either of the sex partners, the virus can easily be transmitted. It only requires few minutes or even seconds of direct contact on sored areas around the genitals and you will be living with the virus for the rest of your life. Yes, Herpes is incurable. You will have to learn ways of managing your condition and live with the virus.

    Mouth to mouth

    You might be wearing a condom on a hookup dating but the virus was transmitted earlier than you think. The virus causing Herpes can be transmitted through kissing. While deep kissing exposes you to more risks, a mere contact with an infected person and sharing of saliva transmits the virus. It may not necessarily be a deep infection on the mouth; a pimple or any opening that exposes soft tissues and blood vessels is an entry point for the virus. The infected person may not necessarily have sores, the virus exists in fluids, and exposure to saliva of an infected person increases infection risks.

    Besides, sharing cutlery exposes you to risk of contracting the virus. You might want to be keen when quickly tasting a friend’s food. You never know! As mentioned, the virus effect is mild, the infected individual may also be ignorant. You will be safe if you are exclusive with spoons and forks. HSV1 is the specific virus transmitted through the mouth.

    Mouth to genital

    A blowjob exposes you to Herpes infection risk. Both parties involved in the mouth to genital are at risk of being infected with the virus. If a man has Herpes, the virus can easily go through a mouth with sores. The vice versa is also true because in both cases, there is a sharing of fluids.

    While HSV2 that goes through genital to genital contact is more prevalent, HSV1 also causes Herpes. Both of these viruses lie dormant for weeks depending on body immunity and activity of an individual. Certain environments in the body might trigger an outbreak; the period between infection and outbreak differs from one person to another. It is possible to stay with the virus and live a healthy life because there might not be symptoms. Herpes signs can also be mistaken for simple allergy because they will subside after a few days. The best way to ascertain if you are infected or free from the virus causing Herpes is through the blood test.

    Herpes Prevention

    Always ensure you use a condom. However, this is no guarantee of being free from the virus. You need to integrate basic safety tips into your lifestyle. Avoid skin-to-skin contact. Avoid kissing anyone you are not sure about health status. Avoid sharing utensils.

    People with Herpes often engage in regular exercise and strict diet plans that involve light meals and vegetables. Also, avoiding nervous system stressors with strong drinks and hard to digest foods are some of the lifestyle tips on living with herpes.

    It is a common disease, which most people are coming to terms and embracing affected people. The stigmatization in society because of the link to careless living is fading.

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