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    herpes virus transmit and treatment

    HSV 101: How Is Genital Herpes Spread?

    Herpes is a common disease of the body, which is caused by a virus and manifests itself in different forms.  Herpes simplex (simple) is a virus type I, known as "cold sores" or "fever" on the lips. Herpes on the lips can be dangerous upon direct contact. Next, we will talk about genital herpes, as it is called a type II virus and is sexually transmitted.

    How the virus infects the human body

    Genital herpes is one of the most common infections that affect the skin or genital mucosa.

    The incidence of herpes occurs through contact with an infected person. Most often infection occurs through kissing, sexual contact, use of shared towels, bedding or underwear.

    It is worth noting that the herpes virus is only active in the aquatic environment. The infection is spread by airborne droplets. Genital herpes is spread by genital and anal sexual contact.

    Viral particles after infection penetrate into the nerve trunks. Thus, the area in which the virus has already been, changes. Upon reaching the nerve cells of the virus DNA integrates into the genetic machinery of the affected cells. With the weakening of immunity of the herpes virus activates and causes the cell to synthesize the rest nervous particles. With the flow of blood, these particles can be spread throughout the human body. When the bubbles are opened, the infection may be released into the environment and infect others. 


    Issues caused by the herpes virus

    The herpes virus can cause a number of issues:

    · The duration of symptoms without treatment, which causes severe impact on the mental state affects the normal sexual life.

    · Problems with urination in urinary retention and dysuria as a result of neuropathy

    · High probability of infection of a sex partner.

    · Extragenital dissemination of lesions for the next fabric, the eyes, and the mouth may be observed.

    · Together with HPV promotes the development of uterine cervical tumors.

    Especially dangerous is the combination of herpes simplex with pregnancy. The probability of infection of the fetus in the womb exceeds 50%. Infection of the child may lead to serious consequences – disorders of the nervous system, damage to eyes and skin.

    Therapeutic Measures against herpes virus

    Treatment of herpes should be carried out as early as possible. Completely withdraw the virus from the human body is almost impossible, but to stop its active life in terms of lesions of the genital organs is necessary.

    Before the beginning of intensive therapy, the disease must be differentiated from other diseases of the genitourinary system. Diagnostic methods should be based on gene diagnostics as well.  Basic and reliable is PCR, which can detect DNA of herpes. In addition, modern methods allow distinguishing HSV-1 from HSV-2, which is particularly important when determining the etiology of the disease.

    The main objectives of treatment are the destructing of the virus in the urogenital system, stopping inflammation, eliminating symptoms, regenerating of damaged tissue, eliminating of recurrence of the disease. The mainstay of treatment is antiviral chemotherapy. The effectiveness of antiviral therapy increases with reduction of the period from infection to the start of the medication.

    The intake of drugs should be strictly by prescription. In a chronic disease, with frequent relapses, the treatment will take a lot of time.  In this case, the person should use drugs to improve the immune protection. For the relief of pain and other symptoms are recommended mild analgesics.

    What should we do against herpes virus?

    All in all, genital herpes is one of the most common diseases of the genitourinary system affecting both men and women. High prevalence of the pathology is associated with a unique persistence of the pathogen, which is almost impossible to completely withdraw from the human body. Of course, the human immune system is able to fight with its life, but by reducing the immunity, the person becomes vulnerable to this dangerous disease. Herpes on the genitals requires timely identification and effective treatment to eliminate the risk of serious complications. This disease may seem not serious, but you should know all the consequences it can have. Be careful during sexual contact and regularly control the state of your health. Everything depends on you and your attitude to the health. Be responsive and attentive.


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