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    Janet anonymity purchase medicine for herpes

    Janet Jackson suffered from herpes secretly. Janet was using the name of her chef ( Macchi Ricardo) to acquire medicine prescription to cover her trails which was illegal. Macchi Ricardo went to The Los Angeles superior court to a file a complaint in the year 1999. Ricardo came to realize how his name was sabotaged when he came in contact with a prescription on Janet’s fridge with his name titled on it. He then got a printout from a local pharmacy printed his name with address of Janet’s house at Pacific coast.

    Janet’s husband’s awareness

    Being in a relationship with someone infected with herpes can be of a challenge. It is only for the other partner to decide if he/she can live with the idea of it or not. Rene Helizondo, the boyfriend to Janet Jackson, knew about the condition of her wife and was willing to support her wife all through. A good thing is Janet Jackson was able to tell her boyfriend about her condition.

    The fact that Rene knew that his wife was affected with the virus it did not stop them from being in a happy relationship. The best thing is that they let the love come first. Let someone describe you from the love you offer. Since there is no way kissing or cuddling or just sleep with someone infected can ever pass the HSV 2. Then when you have settled and you want to begin a sexual relationship, now would be the right time to be open and let your partner know about your conditions.

    How Janet’s boyfriend react

    A good couple will discuss on the issue. Decide on what is best; if it is to break up or keep the partner and begin treatment of which is possible. A doubt of rejection also should be considered. May be the partner has no knowledge about the disease and may run away from the infected. There will always be someone who will be ready to accept, take you with the condition and willingly support you throughout the dilemma for the infection will never define what your virtues stand for.

    Rene was always encouraging and giving hope to her in life. It is treatable and it should not be treated like HIV/AIDS. You should ensure your affected couple gets treatment before it gets worse. The couple also was educated on the herpes. If in case of a sexual contact protective should be used even though it won’t stop the whole virus. It should not be the one of a stepping stone on the journey of true love.



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