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    Victoria Beckham: The Rumor, Career and David


    The Band of Spice Girls

    Dubbed the Posh Spice back in 1996, Victoria Beckham was one of the 5 girls that made up the British group the spice girls. She has maintained her life in the limelight as a style icon and fashion designer. After gaining fame from her role in the group of the 1990s which was since abandoned, she moved to fashion. Melanie Brown, Melanie Chisholm, Emma Bunton and Geri Halliwell made the rest of the group. They once re-grouped and made a successful comeback but everyone soon got busy with their own choices in life. Focusing on Pop music the group’s single; Wannabe, recorded in 1996 is to date, their most popular song.


    Victoria Beckham who is said to have herpes was one of Spice Girls

    David Beckham

    With four children, Mrs. Beckham has starred in reality shows such as Victoria’s Secrets, The Real Beckhams and being Victoria Beckham. Thanks to her marriage to celebrity husband; David Beckham, Victoria’s life remained relevant to the mainstream media. The couple have dominated showbiz news with their never-disappointing stylish family and bliss. This 4th of July, the couple will be celebrating their 18th Wedding anniversary. Posh and Becks as how they are known at home, have made a fortune in business after she moved on from music. Their combined wealth is estimated at approximately USD 450 million.

    The Rumor

    The news about Victoria living with herpes was shocking. According to celebrity gossip channels, the couple is on a Hollywood celebrity list of those infected with Herpes. The even bigger problem is the source of the virus. It is alleged that David Beckham infected his wife but this is unverified and cannot be confirmed. It would be outrageous to make a guess of how they got infected without reliable medical reports.

    This news simply adds her name to a long list of celebrities who are known carriers of the virus. It should not be intimidating and deprive her of her self-esteem. The rumor could be shocking at first especially appearing in public but soon becomes common as people soak in and get used to it. Since we are all human, we are vulnerable to diseases whether we contract them unknowingly or otherwise.

    Herpes and Victoria’s Career

    The 44-year-old mother of four should be brought down by this rumor. She should not because by attaining celebrity status back in the 1990s she has enough experience in negative information blown out of proportion regardless of their authenticity. It is part of life to have your private life exposed and spread like wildfire to extents you would never imagine. There are times when rumors sell more than verified information that is intended.

    Over thinking about her condition may affect her career. Facing people who are judging you and looking for an opportunity to taint your image can be frustrating. Being a celebrity also means you have accumulated enemies in rivals who thrive at any mishaps in your life. By admitting and coming out openly to her fans helps her get the sympathy and understanding from them.

    The life of a celebrity is especially complex when they have to deal with an embarrassing situation. Popular such as Janet Jackson and Britney Spears admitted to the rumors and chose to embrace and live positively with the condition.

    Other famous male stars diagnosed with the disease include Bill Clinton who is a known carrier. Brad Pitt and Robin Williams also carry the common STD. Victoria and her famous husband need not worry themselves sick because they are not alone.

    Does Herpes Affect her Family and Sex Life?

    Victoria Beckham also has children who may be subjected to prejudice at school or bullied. Her first born Brooklyn Joseph is just a year shy of his 18th birthday. He is therefore, aware and exposed to news and rumors about his parents both good and bad. He may have learnt to deal with the shocking news and disturbing rumors but her mother’s sexual information is of a disturbing standard even for his experience. The rest of the teenagers will also have to learn from their older sibling. Most importantly, the parents should talk to the children regularly about dealing with publicized news on their parents’ privacy.

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