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    How common is herpes: stigma VS statistics

    dating tips. However, it is important to emphasize that the positive singles and the potential of having herpes can be closely related and are almost indivisible.

    First, let us as look at the numbers.  According to the World Health Organizations, two-thirds of the worlds human population under 50 lives with herpes simplex 1, the strain of herpes that can be transmitted without penetrative sex. The above thesis is also supported by the fact that 80% of people with herpes (no matter they are single or not) are not aware that they have it.

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    That is why, it is imperative to understand that this controversial issue has often lead to misconception, false information and tend to portray dating someone with herpes as an anomaly of the society instead of pursuing love and romance.  However, that is far from the reality.

    Dating for herpes singles: website, app and support group

    Due to the widespread of herpes and the relative ease to transmit, a good majority of the planet’s population has some form of herpes. There's no reason for herpes singles to stop looking for love and fun. Genital herpes or any other form of herpes should not detract from singles with herpes simplex from finding a partner that has a broad spectrum of desirable. The personal qualities of the singles and their dating imagination makes them a great catch.

    Singles who are living with herpes should stay active and keep dating, and in that way, they will find someone who wants to be with them regardless of their diagnosis. Moreover, there are many people out there that aim to find people that have certain qualities regardless of the people’s STD condition.

    On that note, it is important to emphasize that there are numerous dating websites where people can date someone with. These people are like any other, they have careers, family, friends, and ambitions in life. The general benefit is that dating with herpes can safely interact with other persons without going through the “herpes talk”. In the same time, the potential for stereotypes and stigma can be dismissed.

    Herpes support groups and emotional healing

    The second major notion that needs to be underlined is the fact that herpes support is present in every part of our society. From a moral and ethical point of view, people should not avoid herpes dating sites but rather to concentrate on their qualities and positive sides. In that context, these singles are still active and significantly contribute to their communities. So, if they are able to be a great contributor to our society, means that they have certain qualities for which people tend to follow them. These singles are present in parties, special events, and dating.

    Nevertheless, singles that are dating should always be prepared for rejection. Anyone who disdains or humiliates a person for having herpes is never worth to pay attention to.

    On a final note, we can conclude that meeting people with herpes come together on many occasions. This virus is so widespread that is almost impossible to ignore it or avoid it. And while it is beneficial for the partners to talk and be honest about each other, there is no reason for avoiding these singles. After all, they have their own qualities like any other out there and that can make them unique in the dating world. 






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