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Before joining this site, I was skeptical of the whole notion that love could be found on the internet, or in everyday life. I have always thought that there was someone for everyone, and that everything in life happens for a reason no matter how bad it may seem. I originally started talking to Stephanie on this site, but we quickly moved to text messaging. We sent nearly 1,000 text messages in just under two months and then she agreed to actually meet me! I was so nervous, but as soon as I saw her, I felt so much more at ease. We sat and had dinner and a few drinks and a lot of laughs until the place was closing and we were the last two people in there. This has never happened to me! Today, we are finding that we are so much alike and falling a little bit more in love with every passing hour. Without this site none of this would have been possible. She is an answer to my prayers, and when I look into her beautiful brown eyes, I see a large portion of myself, which makes me love her even more! Thank you guys for creating a site in which I could find my angel!


Advice to other members:

The only advise I can offer is to be patient! I was nearly about to give up on my endless search for my match, but then there she was!! Have faith and and never settle for someone you think will do...She is out there for you, just be yourself...It's much easier that way!