We do plan on getting married and we can't wait!!

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We wrote back and forth for about a week then we decided to meet. I was still a little nervous because I had never done any online dating before so I asked him if we could video chat first. No matter what type of communication we did (text, phone, email, video) we never stopped talking!! When we emailed it was an instant connection so when we met it was amazing and before we both knew it the lights to the restaurant were being shut off and we had to say good-bye...well more like see soon. We have been together since that day.

We do plan on getting married and we can't wait!!

We couldn't be happier...thank you again!!

Advice to other members:

My tips would be for anyone is to not meet people right away, email with them for awhile and find out about them. Had I met all the people that emailed me on here it would of been for nothing and a waste and the one other person I did meet on here was only in the end looking for one thing and was pissed at me when I was going to give it to him.