Thanks for your support and for the simple existence of your website.

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Hi PS Support,

Thanks for the supportive email .. it was a nice touch.

My partner and I met via your website in late December 2009 (he contacted me while he was overseas, but was moving back to Sydney in Feb 2010 - where I live). We corresponded for about 6 weeks before he came back to Sydney, and met the day after he arrived. We'd already set a lunch date for that day, so knew we were kind of working toward that. (What he didn't tell me while corresponding by email but did tell me as soon as we met, was that he was also corresponding with several other woman, mostly also from your website.)

We went on several platonic dates (as he did with most of the others he was corresponding with) and after about 3 weeks, we decided that we really liked each other, wanted the same thing (a committed, long-term relationship, preferably life-long) and that we were keen to give it a go in an exclusive relationship. He let his other "dates" know and we moved forward from there.

That was in late Feb 2010. In early Aug 2010 we moved in together and we have lived in the best relationship of our respective lives ever since! We just go from strength to strength,and the virus that we share but that has always been a burden in past relationships is nothing more than a humorous thing now, and even gives us both membership of the privileged club that helped bring us together. Yes, we plan to marry .. we already consider ourselves to effectively BE married in terms of our future outlook, plans and level of commitment to the relationship and each other. We are not in any rush to make it official, as there have been many new events in our lives to celebrate our being together and we like the idea of leaving that one until things are truly settled and maybe even a bit mundane, THEN we can celebrate all over again with an actual (low-key) wedding.

Thanks for your support and for the simple existence of your website.After using different dating websites, we both found your website (by its basic nature) to contain really down-to-earth, genuine people, looking for relationships for the right reasons. While my partner was the only person I actually met, I corresponded with one other who I would have met had things not turned out the way they did. However,my partner met at least 2 other women off your website who he said were both really lovely, wonderful ladies.

After nearly two years together now, we decided that it was time to not only "hide" our respective profiles, but to delete them altogether. Our plan is we'll never need them again!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you too.