Thank you for allowing me to see that I am NOT a dirty, diseased outcast.

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I have truly enjoyed the service, and met someone I like a lot.

Actually I've had three life changing experiences in my life so far. Chronologically they are my breast cancer diagnosis in 2006, the death of my 49-year-old sister in 2009, and then my herpes diagnosis in 2010. Believe me I've tried to make the best of a bad thing with each of these occurrences. My cancer was cured, my sister's incurable, and, with your help, my herpes led me to meet a man I probably would never have met even though he was right under my nose.

Upon joining PS I was immediately approached by many men both geographically near and far from me. I decided that I didn't want a long-distance relationship, so I politely responded as such to most of them who contacted me. I had a few face-to-face meetings with a couple of the local guys, but I didn't have the chemistry I was in search of. I decided that I would try to get in touch with the men who lived in my neighborhood as there were a few. I encouraged them to post pictures and to complete their profiles, as I needed to see how committed to finding a serious relationship that they were. I wouldn't allow anyone who wasn't a gold member see my photo for the same reason plus privacy reasons.

That's when I saw Mark's profile. Same neighborhood, same religion. I sent him a photo response. I then requested he complete his profile as it was barely filled in. Lastly I sent an email just to say I thought it would be nice if we could meet since we live so close to one another. I guess that combination worked. He replied with an email. Then a quick phone call. Then set a date for that weekend. We shared lots of texts in between as the excitement was killing us.

We met on a Saturday evening at a nice, local restaurant for cocktails and dinner (two of my favorite things!) We talked and laughed all night long. I'm not sure how many dates we've had since, but there isn't a day that passes that we don't text or talk. We are both committed to our careers, so time allows maybe two dates a week. It's been about a month since we first made contact on PS. I'm just not interested in seeing anyone else at this time. That's why I contacted you to make sure that my gold membership won't automatically renew.

After my herpes diagnosis I truly believed that my dating life was over. When my gynecologist asked me during my routine exam what type of birth control I was using, I started to cry. "Who would want me? I have herpes!", I said to him. He replied, " and about a gazillion other people!" It was at that time that I decided to research what kind of support is out there for us. That's how I found Positive Singles.

Thank you for allowing me to see that I am NOT a dirty, diseased outcast. I am a smart, kind, and strong woman who has a lot of love to share with Mark.

Is there marriage in our future? Too soon to say. I'm in no hurry. I'm having fun with a man who really, really likes me. And I really, really like him.