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The first thing I want to say is that I am so very thankful for PositiveSingles..
When I first discovered that I had this "illness", I thought I would be alone forever, a woman dying lonely and sad.
I decided to surf the net, and see if I could find a dating site that was strictly for people that were in my shoes. I found more than a few, but all the other sites seemed to be geared towards other types of issues. I had absolutely 0% luck even in finding ONE potential date on ANY of those other sites. Not one date!
Anyhow, I was a member on PS for about a year, before I met my husband. There were times when I did get bummed out, feeling I would never find my knight. I did go on some potential dates, (and I must say, all of them were with good, decent people; I did not feel uncomfortable at all, and though they were not the one for me, I am sure their other half is somewhere out there in the beautiful PS sea :) ) I felt that my soulmate was still out there searching for me.
When I finally met my husband, the skies parted, the heavenly angels sang! lol. I fell in love with every single part of him, perfections and faults, alike. It turned out that my soulmate was in another state, hundreds of miles away, and had I not had this site, I would have gone my entire life without ever having met him. I can't even fathom that!

Ladies and Gents, don’t lose hope! Just because you have this issue in your life, doesn't mean that it's all over; in fact, I promise you, this is only the beginning!!! When you feel blue, think of it this way: Had you not had this issue to deal with, you may never have met your lifelong soulmate!
There were days where I did feel super sad, but guess what? It is because of this "issue" that I even had the chance to meet, date, and marry my love.
And in fact out of love, 2 became 3! We now have a beautiful bouncing baby boy, my so proud husband's namesake!
Thank you, PositiveSingles!! If it were not for you, I never would have met my other half! There is nothing in the world I could say that could ever hold a candle to the depth of gratitude I have for this site!

Advice to other members:

DO NOT GIVE UP!!! Your soulmate is out there looking for you! If you put that wall up, he or she may never get the chance to find you..
Post many pictures~ from up close, from afar, every angle possible. That way, you do not have any awkward experiences if one expects the other to look a certain way and it turns out not to be that way! I have been there, it is not pleasant! Always be truthful!!