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I've always had a difficult time dating and when I got herpes, I thought my life was over.. and dating would be even more difficult. Well it was at first, I had to do some major soul searching. I really had to learn to except and love myself, even with herpes. I hate to say this but I think herpes saved my life because I was spiraling downwards and didn't look into the mirror till I was forced to face the truth.

It is true what they say you need to love yourself before you can love another. I was finally ready, I decided to join this website, my first boyfriend I met was a nightmare and well that lasted a year and a half. I consider it my coping boyfriend realizing I just had herpes.. and I having someone that had the same made me feel safe. But that wasn't enough for me.. he wasn't the right person and I wasn't settling. After I ended that relationship exactly one month later when I was least looking for anything serious.. I met my fiance!

We instantly connected! It was the first time in my life a relationship was so easy and fun. He is my best friend and it was the relationship people would talk about all my life that I thought never existed.

We both realized just because you have herpes, life isn't over and we both deserved better than settling. Herpes aside...I met my soul mate and it is just a convenience he has the same thing I did but we have been together for a year and will be married in May! Both our families adore each of us, I feel like the luckiest person and I am so grateful to have stumbled upon love on your site.

Thank you for making this life changing experience happen on your site!

Advice to other members:

My best advice is that you learn to realize that your STD no matter what the case doesn't dictate your life, self esteem, and identity. You have to accept what you have and not be ashamed and meet someone in that same place.

That way you can really be open to meeting someone right for you and not settle for someone because you feel alone or scared. Learn to love yourself before you date, take time because if you meet the right person.. you have plenty time to get to know each other! Don't jump in head first without taking a pragmatic view. I hope that helps!