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Sweetdelight understood that nothing was real until meeting in person. You have to meet people to meet someone. The progression for both of us was nearly parallel. Hard to tell because there were many things we wouldn't say early on. We share love of family(especially our children), core values, shared interests, and speaking only for myself, a connection that I won't try to capture with words (re-I don't know "the rules" but it is probably too early to talk about this). She grounds me and I feel like I've come home when I'm with her. The two best times I've had with her so far have been sitting on a city street park bench on a sunny Sunday morning and under a blanket on the couch just talking for hours. The longer I know her, the better it gets. I'm unsure what importance this played, but I stopped looking and took down my profile before we ever met. The sooner the transition can be made from cyber dating to boy meets girl the better. People have to learn to follow their gut and risk it rather than expecting someone to really consider anything meaningful while still shopping/advertising online. Seriously though, you should ask her, because I'm not much of an online dater, but believe in what PS is trying to accomplish.

We correspond for a few weeks before meeting. I liked this because the electronic communication didn't muddy the water on the first date.

We met on 1-7-2011. Started with a glass of wine at a family members flat located in the North Beach area of San Francisco. Followed by a 3 hour rooftop dinner at Medjool in the Mission area of San Francisco. Followed by espresso and cheesecake at Stella's Italian Bakery. Followed by a few dances at Grant and Green. Time passed like it was a dream. I intuitively knew she was a beautiful human being before we met, but she took my breath away when I saw her for the first time (and in a parking garage no less). Her inner beauty and traditional values have taken my breath away more than anyone woman I've met. Truly rare in this day and age.

For the marriage, she plans, I execute while simply enjoying her.