Love at first sight

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How we met is like nothing short of a miracle. I emailed him on a Wednesday and moments later he emailed me back. He thought it was an auto matted message and it wasn't real till I emailed back right away and so we exchanged phone numbers and he called me that night. We hit it off right away , we both felt a connection, we talked for an hour. The next day we both woke up thinking of one another right away and he called me all day. Now we were to meet that Saturday but we both were so excited we couldn't wait, o we decided to meet Friday and he skipped work to do so. We connected to each other so fast that it was as though we have known each other for years.

Friday afternoon he had brought me to meet his parents already we sat on a swing by a lake and talked and talked. His mom brought us wine, it was so romantic. He told me at that point that it would be very easy to fall in love with me and I smiled cause I felt the same way.

Well Saturday came we spent the whole day together and but mid afternoon he told me he had fallen in love with me and that he loved me and I felt the same way. We continued to spend Sunday together and since then I have met other family members and I adore his who family and I know they adore m too.

Our future looks really good. I want to thank you for your website cause when I thought there was no hope here it was.

Thank you!

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There is hope for all of us, don't give up and be safe.