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It would be nice if the non-paying members were able to view those who lived closest to them. I found it difficult to find people who lived close to me so I went on here a lot less. Also if you were only able to view those with the same "positive results" as you I think that would be a little more comforting to know. A lot of people are embarassed and probably are more reluctant to put up a photo if they know the entire site will be able to view them and their personal business.It would also be nice to be able to view the full answers on the Q & A section even if you're a non-paying member. Other than that I'm extremely happy that I was able to find this site. Definitely gives a lot of people hope who otherwise feel hopeless, lonely and isolated by their condition. I've tried to date normally with the hopes of revealing myself later on after getting to know someone and hoping that I was lucky enough to find the right guy with the right attitude who didn't mind. This left me with extreme anxiety, as I would constantly be dreading "the inevitable conversation" and dwelling on what they would say and how it might make me feel. It was a scary and very uncomfortable feeling. Now being with someone from on here none of that is the same...it's a wonderful feeling of freedom that I haven't felt since I was first diagnosed positive, so I THANK You from the bottom of my heart :)