I meet someone who I think is perfect for me.

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I meet someone who I think is perfect for me. I corresponded with him for 3 days---long emails back and forth through out the day. I was the one who winked firs. We have a phone conversation July 27th....for 3 hours!!! We agree there is significant enough connection to meet the next day for our first date. He picks me up at my home (yes, I was comfortable enough with him already and I am a very cautious person), we go to dinner at my favorite place ----just like my first date idea suggests---talk for hours and hours---end the first date traditionally---nice kiss goodnight. Go on 5 more dates after that before deciding that it's something we both are interested in pursuing. He's an awesome person and we communicate very well in general and about H. I am excited about it! No plans for marriage, but it's certainly a possibility in the future.

I've really learned a lot from the site. I have read the success stories, treatment stories, blogs...everything. I am better equip to deal with this now because of the information on the site and particularly through meeting and bonding with him.

Thank you very much! You all provide much comfort in a time of true need for so many people. I will certainly share the link with my GYN so others can get the help that they need.