Herpes Dating

I just will like to thank PS from letting meet someone so great.

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I just will like to thank PS from letting meet someone so great. I struggled with coping, with the fact that I was that lucky 1 out of 5 guys to contract H. I met a wonderful, caring, beautiful woman. That takes my breath away every time I see or converse with her. In the short period of time we have been talking she has proven what a stunning and amazing person she is, in and out. I couldn't ask for anything more. I can say dealing with H in the beginning was the most difficult thing I every dealt with. When I first signed up for this site, I spent a great time reading success stories and I never believed it. I always thought love could never start over a website. I never thought love was such a big part of my life, those days spending on my couch, feeling lonely, angry, mad at the world, is days I will never want to see again. Now, I will appreciate every cuddling moment, the times when she wants to kiss, date night, and the other thing that comes with love, will never be taking for granted! When I thought of love, I thought of me smashing or falling into it. Not looking for it on a WEBSITE! What sucks it took all this to happen to me to appreciate and to find someone like her. I can truly say I smashed into to love and I’m glad god handpicked her for me! Good luck to everyone here and I hope and pray that you are blessed, as well.