I have found a mate with the same STD as me

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I'm a DJ..and I met her during a gig. That was the 1st time I had met her. Started out as a hug at the end of the night when I was finished. I went home and she went to her home. The next time we met was at a local country concert. We danced a little and talked. I had NO intentions of dating or going to bed with her due to my std. The next time I DJ'd at the club she works at, she asked me "how do I get a date with you". Since then we have been going out and I told her that I have a very mild case of herpes and explained to her how the virus works. She has been VERY cool about it. I've showed her were the virus is located. I have 4 small pimple bumps at my mid section of my body. I admit I didn't see that coming. I figured she'd run. PLUS she is the only person that I have told. I intended to use the web site to date someone that had the same issues as me. To date a person that is "clean" ..I think it takes a VERY special person to except the virus as most people would drop you like a bad rash. I told her I have NO intentions to get married....course you can never say never. If I had to give a tip....just be honest. BUT that is so hard as once you tell a "clean" person they may run and tell the world. Thank you for removing my profile. If this relationship doesn't work out I defiantly would sign up with your site again. So far life is good. Once again thank you.