I found the women of my dreams.

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View author's info , Katy, TX, United States
I found the women of my dreams. Well it started out with her looking at my profile and she didn’t have a picture. So I looked at her profile to read about her and she turned out not to be so far from me and she said to no more then ask. So I asked for a picture and she turned out to be very pretty. So we messaged a few times and exchanged numbers and talked for a few days. Then we decided to meet over drinks at lunch on Saturday and things went well. We decided to make the day last and had dinner. Then took her home and kissed outside to end the day. We met back up the very next day and have been together ever since and have never felt so close to someone. She’s my best friend and maybe after some time. I wouldn’t mind making her my wife. And she has a daughter around the same age as my son and I think that is what made a big difference of our connection. Our children are a huge part of our lives and it’s nice to be with someone that feels the same. Well I’m sorry for running all this together but kinda short on time but I hope this helps and I really appreciate the site without it. I would have never met my lil lady so thank you very much.