I found my girlfriend through the site and am very, very happy now.

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From first contact until actual meeting was about a year but there was just a little contact initially and then we picked it up. I would say there was only about a week from "hello again" to "how about meeting for a glass of wine?" We did talk on the phone...I think, prior to meeting but maybe not. At any rate, it was a Friday night, we met at Bonefish Grill for the glass and ended up enjoying each other's company enough to have that stretch out to dinner at the bar. No plans for marriage; it's been only 4 months since we first met in person and for folks my age, that's just getting warmed up. But we are a couple and have a wonderful relationship and share many, many dimensions of compatibility. Unfortunately for you as soon as I established that this one is a keeper, after only a couple weeks I committed to her and myself that I wouldn't go on the site and subject myself to that temptation. And that's the thing really, I'm a one gal guy.So there you have it. I hope it helps someone else like me. It's a wonderful world with the right partner and I believe the right one's out there for each of us. Our job is to live the most authentic life possible, find our joy and then remain open to her. With a little bit of luck she'll find us. :-)

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