Happy & hopeful

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Met the most amazing guy on this site. I was almost ready to give up on ps, but I'm so glad I didn't because I couldn't be happier. He's someone I would have dated if we hadn't shared this situation, but I'm so grateful for ps. Had it not been for our circumstances, I think I would have missed out on meeting the partner of my dreams.

Advice to other members:

Be hopeful, honest, and patient. You never know who you could end up meeting.

I had talked to him over a yr and then I took a yr break from the site. Somehow we reconnected, and this time I was ready to give it a real shot. I opened up to him and realized he was everything id been missing and wanting all this time. I'm so lucky he was still around, and that I finally found myself ready to go all in and allow myself to find someone so special