Found a super great guy who now lives with me :)

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Found a super great guy who now lives with me :) In response to your email below...We responded for about a month before mtg., mostly b/c he was 4 hours away (200 miles farther than either of us had in our "search" category). Once we started IM-ing, we stayed up till 2 or 3AM every night for several weeks "talking" while we did other stuff around the house. When we finally did talk on the phone, we then stayed up all night on the phone for weeks until we finally met in person. It was wild b/c I was already in love with this person that I'd never met in person (or "for real"), so I was scared to death to meet him "for real" (friends outlined "the worst that could happen" was "you either get a nice tour of the state of NC on your 4 hour drive there and get more information for the next man adventure" or you will love each other and everything will be fine).

He also volunteered to come and get me if I didn't get myself there b/c I was too nervous, so I drove out to the other end of NC to meet this guy and when I got there, I got out of the car & he said "Your a REAL girl" and I said "Tadah!"...and he took my hand in his to tour his house and I knew I'd be just fine because he was so kind and caring about taking care of my nervous self and meeting my needs, so 6 months later, his house is for sale and he moved in with me on the other end of the state and life is good :).

I think he's the kindest, most thoughtful, caring, sincere and genuine man I've ever met...exactly what I was looking for...balance between strong and gentle with a delightful sense of humor. I just celebrated my 40th birthday with him and this is the best I've ever felt and can't believe I'm this lucky 1/2 way through my life to have found such a prize of a man for the 2nd half. I am indeed lucky and thankful for this website (although we tell no one where we actually met b/c of the private nature of it...we just say "on-line"...) :) plans for marriage...we are both divorced and just enjoying the title of "soul mates"...a love child would be the bigger commitment and we both hope that happens in our future.