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I originally just sent him a message and he responded a few weeks later. We eventually traded numbers and texted each other like crazy for 2 months. Finally I gave in and let him take me out.

We spent over 4 hours in there! We felt like the commercial because the employees even locked up and just let us talk and drink a few beers. I cannot believe how much we have in common... and how close he lives to me... and how close our works are. We have the craziest things in common... included a friend. My coworker has actually known him for over 12 years but we didn't know that until after our first date. It’s hard to find a man that is a blast to be around, but still has his life together. He asked me to move in with him and to bring my dog along too. I cannot express the feelings I have for this man. I have fallen hard and fast, but you can’t prevent yourself from falling in love when it’s the one… and he’s the one.

We both have said that we prayed to find that special person and have what we have now. I would not be in love with an amazing man if it wasn’t for your website. Thank you!!! It took about a year of service on your site... but it was well worth it!

Advice to other members:

Don't settle just because they share one factor that prevents you from being with other people. If you want to find that right person you must be patient! After a year I finally found mine... just as I was about to give up too. They're out there... and they're looking for you to, but the journey might take longer than you want.