Herpes Dating


Q: Some one told me that since I am having one outbreak after another it is likely that this infection is new to my body? My bf has just found out he is positive for the antibodies. Sadly he found out on his birthday. I have only once in the past five months seen a single sore on him. He says he has had no symptoms at all and this one sore may be totally unrelated of course. He is great and staying with me but with the knowledge that he has the antibodies and we have only been together for five months and I first started to feel like I had this about six weeks after we started to sleep together unprotected because he had a vasectomy and we both believed we had clean test results for STD's at the time having asked and been tested for "everything" and not knowing it wasn't everything after all!!! Well does it seem most likely that I did indeed get it from him rather than have it in my system for many months or years? Is that more likely? Or just no way to know? I don't want this info to place blame as he didn't know I just want to have a better idea so I know how far back to go in telling other people I was with even without intercourse or even with condoms I don't know if they were at risk with me or not. Thank you again for your help

A: The best and most accurate way to be diagnosed with herpes is for a doctor to see a visual herpes outbreak. The herpes blood test are subjective. The human body helps fight the herpes antibodies off. As a result a person could take the herpes blood test today ...   For detail, click here.