Herpes Dating


Q: I posted this question on the HSV concerns section because I thought it might be of general interest and a reply there could benefit others. But I haven't received a reply so I'm asking here. :D What parts of my partner's body can I safely touch to avoid spreading HSV1? Touching and being touched is very important to me. I've resigned to the fact I should not give oral sex (but could receive it) and I'm not into anal activity. Because I have oral herpes, I would avoid any face contact, but would love to nuzzle and kiss my partner's back, neck, chest, etc -- can I do this with little-to-no risk? This site is a great resource and I did search on the word "safe", read all the posts it turned up, but didn't see my question covered.

A: Sometimes it could take time to get a reply from the postings. If you have oral HSV-1 the virus is most likely to spread by kissing. There is no protective barrier from kissing. According to the Center of Disease Control 80% of sexually active adults carry ...   For detail, click here.