Herpes Dating


Q: I have not been living with this for very long (Herpes). I am still learning. I have met someone new. I don’t plan to tell him unless we start really caring for each other. (no sex right now) my question is can I give it to him by kissing him? I am not even close to this but could I give it to him with oral sex? I have had only one break out I take Valtrex everyday. I am so freaked out about this thing. I hope this are no dumb question. I would never want to hurt anyone as I have been.

A: Don't worry your question sounds smart. It is common for a person with herpes to have questions. In some cases it is hard to decide when to tell a partner about herpes. I am sure you will find an approach that works well for you. If i am correct you have ...   For detail, click here.