Herpes Dating


Q: Hi, I was hoping you could inform me of the important food I should avoid/take out to ELIMINATE from my diet. I found out in Nov. 2009 that I was positive with HSV 2. I usually eat a variety of foods)healthy lean meats....little fruit...whole wheat, turkey and lots of chicken. Also, I drink small cups of coffee and sometimes diet coke,...lots of water too! Along with drinking Monavie juice I started drinking in June (this gives me all my antioxidents/vitamins....and I used to eat almonds and I like peanut butter-a lot. So, please tell me if you would please ...what do I need to totally eliminate to help prevent these breakouts BEFORE my menstrual cycle and OR all the time???? Help! :) Thanks so much!! I am done with my second breakout ....which wasn't as bad or as painful as the first.

A: The best way to reduce the chance of getting a genital herpes outbreak is to eat healthy, exercising, not smoke, avoid stress and to live healthy. The web site below has a long list of what foods are good for a person with herpes to eat. The web site also ment...   For detail, click here.