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Just say no... To sugar
Positive with HSV for a moment now. I have tried different types of approaches, but going organic was the best option for me. Removal of all sugar was the key t...     For detail, click here.
living with HSV
I was diagnosed 9 years ago...I have not had a break out since my very first one ! ! ! ! ! I owe that you Acyclovir & living a healthy life style... this may ...     For detail, click here.
Natural Cures
Very mild genital herpes outbreaks which includes one or two lesions near rectum or vagina that itch. Usually have an outbreak when stressed. First year of outb...     For detail, click here.
Boost your ammune system
I have been living with hsv type 2 for 7 years. I started having out breaks about 3 years ago. I was prescribed valtrex, it helped with healing the outbreaks, b...     For detail, click here.
HIV its my bestfriend
I have been dignosed in 2013 December..at that moment i was 5 months pregnant.I gave birth to a healthy baby boy who is 29 months.My resent viral load is undete...     For detail, click here.