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Seems to work
Comes and goes with no specific triggers and I tried everything including meds. Green tea on a regular basis has seemed to help substantially. Vitamin C, green ...     For detail, click here.
Easily managed
During a bad breakout, I went to the doctor and they did a swab. It came back positive for HSV-2. I asked him if I could have had the virus for years, and i...     For detail, click here.
Life after HSV
I was first diagnosed in May of 2010 after one very painful outbreak. At first I was on 500 mg of generic valtrex but after a year or so I only took it if I th...     For detail, click here.
living with HSV
I was diagnosed 9 years ago...I have not had a break out since my very first one ! ! ! ! ! I owe that you Acyclovir & living a healthy life style... this may ...     For detail, click here.
Natural Cures
Very mild genital herpes outbreaks which includes one or two lesions near rectum or vagina that itch. Usually have an outbreak when stressed. First year of outb...     For detail, click here.