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I truly enjoy the connections I have made via PS.  (Dating)
View author's info , Washington, DC, United States, Dec 22, 2012
I truly enjoy the connections I have made via PS. When I first tested positive, I was depressed. I felt like dating was hard enough and now I have another battle to deal with. I felt like no one would want me; I felt like damaged goods. My mother said "Well your generation does everything online, I bet there's a dating site just for people with herpes" And to my surprise there was!! I felt such relief in finding this site and was so pleased with the responses on here. Its more than finding love, it truly is finding support. Having someone to talk to is such a stress reliever and is encouraging.

I met a beautiful man on this site and although we are no longer together (the recession hit us both pretty hard as far as unemployment and took a toll on our relationship) but he is still the greatest friend. He, like me, had the first initial outbreak and never had another. I felt like I found someone just like me. Sometimes we fail to realize every connection is not made to be permanent but sometimes help us discover ourselves, and almost acts like a mirror and causes us to reflect. Without this site, and without him, I wouldn't be as confident in myself, my condition, or in life in general.

My success story is finding true love and most importantly friendship. I learned to love myself and trust me, the friendships grow with such love of self. I wish anyone
that they find peace as I have. And I want to thank this site for existing.

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