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We're very happy to be part of the PS family.
View author's info , Charlottesville, VA, United States, Nov 18, 2012
I found my Soulmate! Hoping for marriage in the next 36 months. How do i begin? Well, I met Allofme2010 in late September of this year on PS. We corresponded back and forth for about two weeks and decided to send pictures then meet. Our conversations via phone was so interesting which kept us up to the wee hours of the night that we couldn't wait to meet each other. As we met at the restaurant of our choice, I saw a lady walk in looking around and I was so nervous that I could not put her face with the picture she sent a week prior. She finally found me in the restaurant and ask "you saw me looking for you and you were watching me the whole time" and then she says " what were trying to sneak out on me?" From that moment I knew i could spend time with her, and that she was too cool! As of now we've been dating for two months and we've been having a ball, and we are really looking forward to holidays. Our conversations have been adventurous and life changing and we're even talking about a future together, because it just feels so good without peer pressure (if you know what I mean)!!! We just want to thank the PS site for bringing us together, and we're very happy to be part of the PS family. The testimonies are encouraging and therapeutic. You Guys

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